Monday, November 12, 2018

To you, poet!

O poet! Thank you.
Respect to your synthetic vision!
Honour to your ever colourful mind.
We see coloured words all around.

Salute to your decorative heart
O, how nice that diamond studded heart does look!
How profound is your laughter and roar 
how convincing and blatant is your capture!

O poet, excellent is your skill
caging the world in your web of words
and liberating yourself..
and thank you for
now we see glittered coops all around.


  1. positive energy could uplift your readers...
    glad to see you post on our poets rally week 87.

  2. we all try to become poets that inspire,
    thanks for the poetic words.

  3. visit hyde park poetry if poossible,
    we do enjoy your poems.