Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Rice and Dalema

My mother used to rinse rice from granny's field, only once
She never peeled off the vegetables being plucked 
from our backyard to prepare rice and dalema for lunch
and rinsed them all and the pulses only once ...
She says it retains the nectar of nature safe in the food.

Our bodies and damp minds are all built up of rice and dalema
cooked by our mother.

Now I am a mother of a grown up child.
Now she learns that to prepare rice and dalema for lunch
her mother rinses rice and pulses several times,
peels of the vegetables and
rinses them all with hot water several times..
Those are bought from the market in the backyard.
She learns that her mother is assured for that day
that her effort has removed all the layers of poison
and that at least she is serving a safe food to her child
if not the nectar of nature...

To know about Dalema please follow the link..

Monday, April 13, 2015

Far or Near

Possibly there is a mango grove nearby.
Cooing of a cuckoo is falling on
a deserted spring.

I am sorry that my voice is a wearing out earthen grinder
is losing effect with passing time.
O gentle witness, is anything there called far or near?

It's futile! your awaiting for a celebrating tune from me
cause I speak in gross silence to the listener of patience
at the mango grove.