Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The fear..

Among the countless fears on this earth,
the most giving one is the fear of getting dumb..
quite like being there in the pompous grand hall
where your voice is as thin as the floating dusts
but you are determined to speak to all.

There always is the fear of the golf ball missing its hole.
Such is the agony of a word, finding a wrong home.
The lone bird reciting a poem on the hilltop
belongs to the heart. 
The heart alone knows the finest touch of its feather.

Could the bird have got the loudest of voice
that poor heart would not have to toil more.

In the vast desert of blankness certainly there is an oasis
where the echo of the sweetest song is manifold 
Marathon of life must go on until then
thus and the fear of getting dumb
makes you gradually a lone watcher of the sea bed 
that displays indiscriminately
the shells and the pearls.


  1. the fear to fail does scare us all.
    lovely sentiments.

  2. when we go to places where fears lower us down, we stop being timid and begin to feel good about the possible outcomes.

  3. truly enjoyed this,

    sometimes, facing the music means seeing your mother and father in law at the first place, it will pass.

  4. The poem lends itself to deeper interpretations than a superficial understanding. Well written.

  5. everything shall pass,
    live without doubt and fear today.

    enjoy the title.

  6. and when this fears completely dissolves out of our soul then we will truly find enlightenment :)

  7. Hi, Really great effort. Everyone must read this article. Thanks for sharing.