Friday, February 27, 2015

The door..

The season of crystalline ego
comes after some ten thousand years of perseverance..
when after some ten thousand years of longing
we recognize each other
and decide to walk together
hand in hand, until the only door
to the concealed paradise is gotten
but the door could place only one from us at a time.
I said- after you, You said- after you..
and the series of offering of egos went on
until you left my hand and entered alone.
I followed your path and stepped on
the threshold of my existence

and in the opposite side you are not there
I am not there either
but ten thousand lamps are twinkling
in the eyes of the sky.
may be you are a twinkle, may be I am too
may be you are the sky and I am too..


  1. everyone is a star,
    we all shine like a movie star.

    love the room in the end, beautiful and hopeful.

  2. things on and off,
    I bet you will have adventures with lots of people.

  3. there maybe lots of doors,
    we always need someone special to get through!

    love the metaphor.

  4. there are always consequence of any decision.
    enjoy your freedom.

  5. so innocent you are,
    a walk could be an experience to ponder lately, but not costly.

  6. a gatway to another world, which is very interesting to write about.

    love the title.

  7. the way to happiness is not restricted,
    yet is shown by brave try outs.

  8. thousands of longing, wow.
    the shooting star sweep pass the moon, it is a moment of shared path, not a life time business yet it is a life time theme.

  9. lovely poem thoughts well expressed

  10. Lovely thoughts and a very beautiful picture to go with it!

  11. a door is a window for us to look at both from outside and from inside.
    apt focus.