Saturday, January 3, 2015

The mirror of mist

The mirror of mist pictures for me
by and large
only one day of you and me
when we were face to face, so close to each other..

as if on the path of endless hours
calmly walks a youthful moon.

If this body ever forms mists 
I would have peeped into the life of the moon
to find that brightest part..
and the world would have stopped 
rotating all the same..

You are in your domain,
and I am in my domain.
We might be thinking of each other at one time..
We might be face to face then,
so close to each other!
But at once stands a large ocean of mist
in front of me and an unknown fear 
of distance and space stands adjure...


  1. A highly imaginative and deeply soulful poem !!

  2. please join us for a humor prompt today.

  3. Love the beginning lines of the last stanza: "You are in your domain/and I am in my domain." Enjoy the straightforward elegance and repetition.

  4. unknown fears of distance and space,

    that's what make life more romantic and strange at the same time.

    awesome poem.

  5. what powerful theme,
    with free word flow,
    enjoyed the places your words take us.

  6. walking with a moon,
    admire sunshine and bright side of human being,
    that makes us mindful.

    lovely poem.

  7. a character of wit and dark mind,
    a mix of day and night,
    that's life and poetry.

  8. sometimes, our sixth sense take us to a different place,
    which we romance with a fictional soul and feel the strength of strangeness and remoteness.

  9. a moon in your thoughts does do magic to your poetry.
    excellent poetry.


    an award for you, from week 80 perfect poet,


    join next week's rally...