Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A lamp to the Sun..

I am never motionless although
being seated calm on this giant globe.

That day you seemed to me irresistibly unstable.
I was certainly mistaken.
With passing of so many years, I realise now
that today you are at the same place
where you were at first..
unmoved, unaltered and smiling...

It's only me who is running and rotating around
you and me incessantly.

It's my heart that sings-
whatever happens here, whatever I see all around,
however I see myself is only your repose..

O my Sun! it's thus only the gratitude of my petty thing,
that I am offering a lamp to you every morning..


  1. Awww...what beautiful lines!!! It is not in the foolish act(o offering lamp) but the spirit of thankfulness that stands out.A nice picture to embellish the post.


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    February 25, 2015