Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A lamp to the Sun..

I am never motionless although
being seated calm on this giant globe.

That day you seemed to me irresistibly unstable.
I was certainly mistaken.
With passing of so many years, I realise now
that today you are at the same place
where you were at first..
unmoved, unaltered and smiling...

It's only me who is running and rotating around
you and me incessantly.

It's my heart that sings-
whatever happens here, whatever I see all around,
however I see myself is only your repose..

O my Sun! it's thus only the gratitude of my petty thing,
that I am offering a lamp to you every morning..

Saturday, January 3, 2015

The mirror of mist

The mirror of mist pictures for me
by and large
only one day of you and me
when we were face to face, so close to each other..

as if on the path of endless hours
calmly walks a youthful moon.

If this body ever forms mists 
I would have peeped into the life of the moon
to find that brightest part..
and the world would have stopped 
rotating all the same..

You are in your domain,
and I am in my domain.
We might be thinking of each other at one time..
We might be face to face then,
so close to each other!
But at once stands a large ocean of mist
in front of me and an unknown fear 
of distance and space stands adjure...

Evening walk

The fumes of distant chimney can't shadow my conscience
The river flows on 
boatman on the water bed

I am on my evening walk..