Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Little Girl’s adventure

In the hour of stillness,
with handful of blazing sun
a tiny bird flutters around
and a tiny girl steps out from home..
She has an important job
of making her baby doll
bathe in a nearby pond.

Cuddling her baby she convinces her 
of a happy play, her doll agrees and
She sets out with her rollicking tiny feet…
Reaching the balmy step of moss
She stops, she stops and admonishes
her doll not to ask mama to step further…
She dampens her baby’s hair
and takes her cloths out there,
makes a thorough massage
and a basking shower..

Dressing her up nicely and fondling on lap
she speaks a tiny story
of a Mama and her little girl ..
that the little girl came out
in the blazing sun
without knowledge of her mama
and that her Mama got worried,
so little doll should learn from the story..

With her baby doll in her arm
While turning to get up and back to home
she gets Mama sobbing and
spreading arms towards her
for a warm cuddling…

Translation to Odia by Poet Ajay Kumar Mahala



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