Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A bowl of porridge

Millions of Sun rays' harvest is my bowl of porridge.
It has been prepared with the precious milk from earth's bosom.
Someone prepares it for me before my eyes are open.
and I am presented with my bowl of porridge with the rising Sun.

I am grateful; I am grateful that in secret
someone mixes into it a special honey. 
It's just inexplicable, how the sweet smell
fills up the air and my ever passionate nostrils.

With a mouth full of the porridge,
every cell of my body wakes up to the brink.
My rivers flow boisterously, mountains glow in green.
Oceans swell up and the birds chirrup plashingly.

Ahh.. I have a vast open sky this morning..
It's so bright and clean!
As my heart beats on a wonderful rhythm,
flowers of flesh have begun dancing.

I am grateful, I am grateful that my porridge
has emptied me up;
I am as empty as a bowl to be filled..


  1. It's so beautiful ...just like the radiant morning with deep enshrouded meaning :)

    I just love to read your poems ....so would like to gift you with the Sunshine Award ....hope you accept it :)


  2. Dear, thank you so much for your affection.. I really am humbled..

  3. Who would have imagined there is so much to see in a simple bowl of porridge!

    1. Thank you Stafford Ray Sir. I appreciate your words of appreciation..!