Sunday, March 16, 2014

Purnima- the full moon

In this magical moment
 of a wonderous sojourner,
what do I see?
a reflection on my flow!

Is it I who have come
upon me 
or you, 
O, ocean of  nectar!

My senses are triggered to such high that
I feel now none of these are at my reach..

But slow my river, 
haughty and unmindful
at times like dry twigs
has halted completely..

Halted to be immersed
in this unknown hour..

O, ocean of  nectar!
I am at the moment 
of confluence..

Or tell me, if I am forgetful enough,
to have forgotten
that your hollowed out glory
is but mine from the days of yore..


  1. Hello Ma'm ....
    You have penned down a beautiful poem . The flow of your words are so gentle and soft just like the moon light .


  2. I read thrice to savour the charm of the lines and the imagery created.I am sure the picture must have impelled you to come up with these imaginative poem.