Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Little Girl’s adventure

In the hour of stillness,
with handful of blazing sun
a tiny bird flutters around
and a tiny girl steps out from home..
She has an important job
of making her baby doll
bathe in a nearby pond.

Cuddling her baby she convinces her 
of a happy play, her doll agrees and
She sets out with her rollicking tiny feet…
Reaching the balmy step of moss
She stops, she stops and admonishes
her doll not to ask mama to step further…
She dampens her baby’s hair
and takes her cloths out there,
makes a thorough massage
and a basking shower..

Dressing her up nicely and fondling on lap
she speaks a tiny story
of a Mama and her little girl ..
that the little girl came out
in the blazing sun
without knowledge of her mama
and that her Mama got worried,
so little doll should learn from the story..

With her baby doll in her arm
While turning to get up and back to home
she gets Mama sobbing and
spreading arms towards her
for a warm cuddling…

Translation to Odia by Poet Ajay Kumar Mahala

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Song of Journey (Jaatraa Sangeeta)

You have filled up the pot of my life many a ways,
would I ever say you gave nothing?
You have removed my ignorance O darling of my life,
may my vessel sail in your ocean..

You arrange the meetings of folks of shore
and with the blink of an eye knowingly make all invisible ..
Unnecessarily the sentimental me take everything unto heart,
earthly me only invite sufferings in utter ignorance..

I am the swan of Manasa who certainly would fly for there,
but always miss the track for my faults
when my little hunger and thirst is satiated by your nectar
I clung to this earth..

Can the nectar be ever discovered in sheer darkness
when suffered by one's own webs of desire?
I shall leave for the far horizon to float there,
I shall cross the Himagiri before time..

You have given the eternal love in the heart of my beloved,
you have given the eternal desire in my infant cries
Flashing the waves of beauty from dawn to dusk
you have given voice to my longing throat..

This captive to be able to sing praises of your lotus feet
you have given rhythm to this Veena..
Ignoring that bliss I played my own games.
The sweet night of union thus ended slowly.
Death of vending is certain in the trade of falsity
yet I priced my jewel there..

I am that plant of winter whose leaves are falling
with the touch of frustration it has been consumed untimely..
I don't feel a bit sorry for that, cause my jewel of my heart is within the deep ocean.
the tune of his flute in the bushes of my life
and his auspicious footsteps is the wind of my life..

Giving and taking in lives is all his play
Lo, how the sole giver smiles in lives..
His touch is the harbinger of blossomed hopes
in the wintry diseased plants of livings; Why to get worried then?

Let's move for the eternal Madhuvan,
we can see the favorite Raasa in the nearby Golaka
on the nearby path today is your union with him
Your chariot of victory is of course in eternal lights..

Your journey will cease soon with the blink of an eye
All your doubts and sufferings would cease to exist..
You will be the fortunate one with the sight of virtue
the Rahu of all your sins and misdeeds shall get destroyed..

The God of my life is present on my path
May my vessel sail in his ocean..

Translation of "Jeevana Paatra mo Bharicha kete mote" by
Late poet Baikunthanath Pattnaik(1904-79)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A bowl of porridge

Millions of Sun rays' harvest is my bowl of porridge.
It has been prepared with the precious milk from earth's bosom.
Someone prepares it for me before my eyes are open.
and I am presented with my bowl of porridge with the rising Sun.

I am grateful; I am grateful that in secret
someone mixes into it a special honey. 
It's just inexplicable, how the sweet smell
fills up the air and my ever passionate nostrils.

With a mouth full of the porridge,
every cell of my body wakes up to the brink.
My rivers flow boisterously, mountains glow in green.
Oceans swell up and the birds chirrup plashingly.

Ahh.. I have a vast open sky this morning..
It's so bright and clean!
As my heart beats on a wonderful rhythm,
flowers of flesh have begun dancing.

I am grateful, I am grateful that my porridge
has emptied me up;
I am as empty as a bowl to be filled..

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Purnima- the full moon

In this magical moment
 of a wonderous sojourner,
what do I see?
a reflection on my flow!

Is it I who have come
upon me 
or you, 
O, ocean of  nectar!

My senses are triggered to such high that
I feel now none of these are at my reach..

But slow my river, 
haughty and unmindful
at times like dry twigs
has halted completely..

Halted to be immersed
in this unknown hour..

O, ocean of  nectar!
I am at the moment 
of confluence..

Or tell me, if I am forgetful enough,
to have forgotten
that your hollowed out glory
is but mine from the days of yore..