Friday, November 15, 2013


Fallen leaves are lifted up by the breeze.

A silent void awakens on tree barks.

Twilight veils up a deep dark curtain
wiping off the far away foot prints.

I look around. 
 The sea by my side is not visible anymore. 
Only I can hear the roar.

I look back at my abode.
It's not far.

But I can't walk down there.

The sandy realism has intensified
and I am lifted by something beyond reason.


  1. I can see that you miss the long lived home,the sandy beach,the oft heard noises in the language you love and the ambience of the place you clung to.
    It is human nature that we get adapted to changes eventually.
    A nice poem.

  2. Deep connection with nature, expressed in this nice poem...beautiful!

  3. I feel so wonderful after reading this;)

  4. only i can hear the roar - loved that line...