Thursday, May 31, 2012

Abode of Ecstasy

O great Himalaya
I have never been so lucky
to have a glimpse of you..
When fondly call your name,
I am feeling you intimately..
When  my senses are aware now
that you have also called my name
from your ecstatic domain
I feel being present in your court
O majestic king of kings
thus I am glancing you through
mind's crystalline eye...
Viewing your vast expanse
and eternal glory
I am transfixed..
Forgetting my fleshy existence
I merge in a giggling river
flowing through you..
Flowing in a timeless manner
unceasingly, I am that river
fixed at you...

You seem not to be
a hardy bed of rocks
You are but a magnificent throne
ornamented with dazzling gems..
Above you hangs arches of sky
embellished in a graceful way...
I wondered for whom have you been so ..!
Soon your majestic marvels
I found, filled with a pair of tender foot...
Whose was that lofty grace
I wondered and looked at sky
and she was in full divine charm
placed on her ferocious lion...
I failed staring her luminance-
a dazzling sun she was
taking back my glance towards her feet 
I was fixed upon..
Then I heard a tune of flute so soul soothing
that charmed my attention
and I was seeing a charming prince
at once flute in hand and soon 
with a dazzling trident...
I looked back wondering upon
the mystic feet, whose those could be?
And to my amazement 
I was seeing the pair of wondrous foot
no more..
I looked up towards the sky once again
to find those mystic faces  
once again
but I found two rounded eyes fixed at me
as if for ages... 
and the smoothing rain of nectar 
was falling and falling on me
That filled my abyss with unending spirit
I found being complete and ample a river
in mind's eye
O great Himalaya, divine abode, 
place of ecstasy and glory
from distant a land my obeisances
as offerings..

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Seasons of slumber
seasons of repletion I do not cherish...
but I cherish for summer
with my little thirst.
I cherish for a little hurt
to reach my soul
and they would be turned into
 big aspires 
and still a bigger thirst...
What I need more
is to make my sweats fall
and dehydrate me properly..
When my sweats evaporate
in blazing sun
I would have a perfect summer laughter..
Soon I will see my sweats 
forming thick clouds above me..
My sweats are mine
they love me even from above the sky
They would fall desperately
to have my touch
And then like the earth
closing my eyes
I will drink unto souls desire...

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Photo Source

I am that myriad cosmic bliss,
floating as pollen
with a desire to settle on a flower
 repeatedly I have fallen...
Wore an apparel of choice
and named it 'my'
When worn out with time, 
I am asking why!
I have learnt the art of living
from my earthbound life
but yet searching for peace
amidst ego's strife..
What joy does mean,
that I have lost on my path
what is all with me as my forte 
is nothing but my wrath..!
Baffled by my synthetic state
I cherish the joy within my heart
Cherishing to recollect my oneness
to get my freedom back, I am learning an art..

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The drink

A soulful tune is heard.
sleeping birds woke
and flapped wings.
Is the night or the moon insane!

Flapping birds snuggle in heart..
lurking hope throbs
It is all a drinking spree..
What a sweet booze is pain..!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The river of compassion

Gravid sky grins
flows the coloured bliss
over and over..
the earth is thrilled..
How the wind of life is blowing.. !
Lo, the river of compassion is flowing..

Sun, moon and millions of stars
shower divine radiance..
terrestrial glory..
is on display..
How dispelling darkness, lights are beaming..!
Lo, the river of compassion is flowing..

Mountains home woods
and countless creatures
They all coexist
and support one another..
How is wondrous nature playing!
Lo, the river of compassion is flowing.. 

Trees offer delicious fruits
and bow down in humbleness
Flowers bloom in unison
spreading out colours and fragrance..
How seeds of aspiration are growing..!
Lo, the river of compassion is flowing..

Ocean treasures bejeweled truth
rivers mingle in oneness..
losing ego they find their 'Greatest self'
Deep within truth is glowing.. 
How in divine rapture hearts are meeting!
Lo, the river of compassion is flowing..

The abode of beauty and happiness is calling...
nectar of love has adorned every heart
air of peace is blowing..
Souls have risen from ignorance
How the flare of knowledge is shining!
Lo, the river of compassion is flowing..

God's most wondrous creation- human
is blessed with all divine natures 
and power of wisdom..
Why would he fall in the trap of
ignorance and sin?
Why in the ocean of illusion his vessel be sinking..!
Lo, the river of compassion is flowing..