Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Moonlit night

I am that moonlit night
distinctly lustrous 
 staring heart of yours
You feel and enfold
in pockets of your mind
countless rebirths
for a single
ecstatic death.

I am that moonlit night
placidly illusive,
quivering body of yours
 determines to slay
and get slain
O poet, don't!
I am not a complex text
for your brain's workout
but a soulful song
offering lasting youth.

I am that moonlit night
Tis not me, playing
you play hide and seek.
My absentminded poet
clutch me with love
for I am the spark
on the ridge of your eyes.. .


  1. Beautiful !
    That moonlit night is what eyes anxious yet excited behold and yearn for.
    Loved this verse :)

    Sticking to the positives and thinking of all that glitters would help one evade the dark hour. Magnificently put ! :D

  2. O, wow! I do believe our secrets try to get us to hear them in this way: dear moon, knocking on the door of your consciousness. . . .