Monday, November 5, 2012

Half filled basket

photo source- moon flower

I went to the dense forest of my vision 
to collect some flowers for my deity,
holding my basket avowedly empty,
I went down a path silky and moonlit.
I looked up and saw giant trees branched out,
all of them emanating wondrous charm and beauty
and a lot many unseen were luring my passion of still more wondrous things 
that I couldn't tell between my minds image and reality.
I moved forward in search of a flowery plant 
that would match best my perception and reach.
After a lot of searching I found the best one
at the edge of a silvery, snaky flowing spring
filled with milky flowers, moon soaked, splendid.
With a great adoration I began plucking them one by one
holding the image of my deity crystalline gold
I plucked them all that touched my fingers and heart
then I looked at my basket which was still filled half
I felt sorry as there were no more I could pluck
as rest of the flowers were beyond my reach, placed high enough.
I feared my basket would left half filled owing to my ill luck.
I moaned and moaned and looked here and there
The dawn was painting crimson to my basket and else where
meanwhile the silvery plant  was departing from me, bidding adieu.
I looked on and on, holding my basket half filled I looked in wonder 
and in no time realised that I had missed much more.
I forgot to see the wondrous beauties near the ground
those were overlooked and unnoticed as I didn't bend a little
I could have plucked them all for my magnificent deity
and my basket could have been perfectly filled...


  1. An incredible poem!! Loved those phrase as that "match best my perception and my reach" and "all that touched my fingers and heart" a lovely dreamy quality and then what a message. I love this:-) Thank you too for visiting my blog.

  2. Thank you Sara. I am glad, you liked the poem.

  3. We always tend to ignore what is beautiful and within your reach for a distant rainbow.If only we care to look,the way side flowers are as enchanting as the distant ones on high branches.This applies to relationships too.The grass is greener on other side always.

    1. Very very thought provoking comment. Thank you so much for your valuable words.

  4. Lovely scene! A good reminder to look beyond our expectations. Though a half-full basket is better than an empty one...

  5. Nice poem......the storyline finishes with a half-filled heart....a great message we all subscribe to the opinion of the fox.....higher bunches of grapes that can not be reached are always sweet.....we pine for the farthest things within collecting the smiles near at your poet.....a wonderful poem with truly Indian touch...

  6. *within=without

    kindly amend...

  7. This one is too good.....

    Your are a terrific writer...
    All the poems are unique in some sense...

    Thumbs up for your efforts!!!
    Sweta Sarangi

  8. This reminds me of the little flowers, trees making their way out of small buildings and pavements, this is the beauty of life and nature that it finds way.