Friday, November 2, 2012


Picture By- Blue paper

Whenever I come across the sight of a crematorium
I stop and my mind stops at nearby ground
and it feels the emptiness of its fullness
in all its ornamentation
when ornaments certainly are out of control!
They all would leave one by one
for their own destinations of choice..
And where a lifeless body would burn
 the bird would there be left bare alone.
then it would find its unadulterated real gesture
a self luminous, blatant mirror 
the lucidity of which would release senses one by one 
and the air would be filled with 
divine smell of sandalwood 
from the deserted burning existence
The bird would peacefully be watching over.
I stop at the sight and take a deep breath
and feel my bird silently watching over..
 wave of love runs all over me
for my innocent bird, and my eyes get moistened
my foot feels few drops of the fallen tear.
I bow down to collect them
and put on my forehead on the crematorium ground
pure and auspicious those are the real ornaments for me 
so my bird drinks them all.
And I go on loving my little bird  
whenever I come across the sight of a crematorium...


  1. your innocent little bird will keep on loving you... sweet and poignant piece.

  2. Thank you Bing for your nice words..:)

  3. Your poem invoked a spark of recognition across the cultural divide. I think my bird ruffled her feathers and said hello.

    1. ha ha.. hi from my little bird to yours...

  4. Intriguing view~ :D
    I enjoyed it~

  5. Thank you Ella for your visit and comment.

  6. A beautiful poem,subtle yet deep.Crematoriums though bring negative thoughts are actually spots for liberation of the birds from their confinement.The allegory of the soul with the bird is highly imaginative and wonderful.