Sunday, October 28, 2012

Life In The ArtBox

Rolls the wheel, moves the cart
and everything is in motion
along side that.
Dancing season, musing season
coddling steps or assailing steps
and celebration.

You are so crazy
to lose your anklet when leg is bare
and find it again when you need no more!
Chameleon laughs at changing sky
and see, twilit satirize you.

Potter shapes the pot
potter's daughter observes.
Blind maid's son crawls and unwraps
an art box laid on the floor
and finds a picture in motion
of shapes, colours and moods
motionally an equilibrium.


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    1. Thank you Yielday. I agree with you that everything is in motion. Thanks for commenting.:)

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    1. Thank you Equinox. Thanks for your visit.:)