Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Immortal Eye

Days and nights move on 
like marching lamp posts 
along side me.
I am on a zigzag path 
stands erect my immortal eye.

Many springs adorn
flowery plants
Many autumns undress them
Every dance of colour,
watches, ajar my immortal eye.

Somebody laughs out in zest
and at a little distance
hearing a soulful cry
I bubble out, melt and consolidate.
indifferent is my immortal eye.

Traveler looks for an oasis
in the middle of desert
flies away his parched soul
laughs the history  
from beneath the layers of sand.
fixed at a ceaseless path my immortal eye.


Ask yourself, who am I at this moment? 
You will realize you are not your thinking, 
you are not your emotions;
You are the awareness behind them, 
from where you can observe them. 
The moment you realize that, 
you are in a different state of consciousness. 
You are not the thinker, 
you are the observer. ♥

~Eckhart Tolle

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