Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Morning appears and awakens
with blossoms for heart
and harvests for mind.
The bliss of blossoms and harvests
was there at night...
Yet vision could not realise them 
through mild lights of 
moon and millions of stars
Cause it needed a 
bright sun's strict guidance
to make itself a fine morning. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Life In The ArtBox

Rolls the wheel, moves the cart
and everything is in motion
along side that.
Dancing season, musing season
coddling steps or assailing steps
and celebration.

You are so crazy
to lose your anklet when leg is bare
and find it again when you need no more!
Chameleon laughs at changing sky
and see, twilit satirize you.

Potter shapes the pot
potter's daughter observes.
Blind maid's son crawls and unwraps
an art box laid on the floor
and finds a picture in motion
of shapes, colours and moods
motionally an equilibrium.

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Swinger


Myna holds a golden string with her beak
and swings to and fro
Flows the coloured river beneath her
and above widens the insentient sky.
She swings and swings
and flows in her heart a blissful song
like the coloured river beneath her
inexplicably wonderful a flow of ecstasy..
Loosened her wings 
and still she swings and swings
 focusing on the golden string
she hugs the subtle sky...

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Salvador Dali

The ground is full
I have picked my numbers
armored them carefully
with avidity and awareness
The other side is ready..
The battle should go on..
It is my desire
my sole desire..
Since time immemorial
I have been
nurturing the desire
of duality and even more
to multiplicity
of my vivid existence
It is my vision
transformed to numbers
conflicting unto devastation
or creation...
Yet to find a reason
of my desire...

Immortal Eye

Days and nights move on 
like marching lamp posts 
along side me.
I am on a zigzag path 
stands erect my immortal eye.

Many springs adorn
flowery plants
Many autumns undress them
Every dance of colour,
watches, ajar my immortal eye.

Somebody laughs out in zest
and at a little distance
hearing a soulful cry
I bubble out, melt and consolidate.
indifferent is my immortal eye.

Traveler looks for an oasis
in the middle of desert
flies away his parched soul
laughs the history  
from beneath the layers of sand.
fixed at a ceaseless path my immortal eye.


Ask yourself, who am I at this moment? 
You will realize you are not your thinking, 
you are not your emotions;
You are the awareness behind them, 
from where you can observe them. 
The moment you realize that, 
you are in a different state of consciousness. 
You are not the thinker, 
you are the observer. ♥

~Eckhart Tolle

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Portraiture of Universal Union

Where the Sun's, up in the far sky!
Where lotus, nether, blooms in the pond!
Soon the Sun rises,
                            spreading his hands attains lotus's hug.                            |1|

Where the Moon shines, in a vivid blue sky!
Where at the bottom of earth, a vivid blue ocean!
Maiden waves frolic in delight
                           with the nectary touch of nectar hands.                              |2|

Where the air moves in abysmal wave!
Ne'er deprives mountain caves from his love!
Ne'er minding for days or seasons
                               kisses face of pretty mountain cave.                               |3|

Cloud  forever, with a lot of affection
squeezes lightning in his body.
Although cloud is black, in the joy of love
                            lovely lightning kisses him in a blink of eye.                        |4|

Spreading his arms of branches the handsome tree
embraces with love modest quivering body of climber.
Never leaves companion of tree, devoted she
                          with hundreds of faces kisses him all over.                            |5|

Golden spring mingling her body
with that of mountains, kisses his sturdy chest
Mount, bearing her mighty falls
                             Receives her in intense love as his necklace.                          |6|

Crossing long and difficult paths,
when unites with the sea, river surfs out in passion.
when kisses mature hand of the sea,
                              in deep embracing she is out of vision.                                    |7|

Forgetting his own nobility, 
maddened in love the sea kisses feet of shore
In honor of etiquette abnegates she.
                                     This play of affection is occurring forever.                        |8|

Sturdy iron kisses hardy stone
How strange on this earth is this love's action!
Kissing, embracing and the act of romance
                                     instantly melts a stone like heart !                                    |9|

Null is my life, void my dwelling
Mere dreaming for me, kissing and embracing
Who would barter sweet nectar of love!
                                      In agony of silence my life would stop!                           |10|

Won't I get that nectar of love
Is this earth parched for me!
Will my soul be deprived of that divine inspiration
                               from adoration, embraces and lovely osculation?                   |11|

I know, I have my Lord of soul
Glorious, truth, the auspicious(Shiva), the ultimate refuge
I have been waiting for him for years,
                                        adorning my bed of heart with flowers.                           |12|

Once I see my master of soul, 
would hold tightly his wrist and never'll let him go.
I would accomplish all act of kissing and embracing there 
my torments would be removed 
                                           and striving of my soul would end.                                 |13|

As the river mingles with ocean,
as vine clings to the tree,
as lightning plays in a blue cloud, 
                                      as stream adorns the flank of mountain,                                |14|

As waves dance with the touch of moon,
pleasingly in the hands of the Sun, as lotus adjures
I would unite my soul to the foot of lord of my soul
                       I would dance holding universal love in a divine pleasure.                    |15|

Mountain, ocean, river, Sun and Moon,
all will kiss me with a great affection.
then the world would float in the stream of love of my soul
                              and the universe would turn into my basket of love                         |16|

Translation from Original Odia "Biswara Milana Chitra" versed by Pandit Utkalmani Gopabandhu Das .