Monday, July 16, 2012

The sea

Waves on the bed of sea
with different variations and magnitude
were merging in unison at the coast...
Many lonesome hearts were searching
for some lovely pearls
on the shore and got
nothing except few pebbles
and empty shells...
Few violent waves pulled them hard..
tied and broke them into pieces..
they were dragged deep into the fathom
where they wandered adrift
like floating clouds on high sky
They were all fallen asleep
in high serenity
far from the wavy visions and speech
on a bed of wonderful pearls
that they never would be 
searching on the shore...


  1. Is the pearl lying at the bottom of the sea symbolic of the true knowledge which is attained only by going deep within and expanding the search till the Mind attains to the cosmic consciousness or the Truth?
    Beautiful lines

    1. Yes, Sir... though though, one gets the real wealth within one's self and not outside..:)
      Apologizing for delay in reply. And thank you so much for your effort to explain the poem.