Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The river of compassion

Gravid sky grins
flows the coloured bliss
over and over..
the earth is thrilled..
How the wind of life is blowing.. !
Lo, the river of compassion is flowing..

Sun, moon and millions of stars
shower divine radiance..
terrestrial glory..
is on display..
How dispelling darkness, lights are beaming..!
Lo, the river of compassion is flowing..

Mountains home woods
and countless creatures
They all coexist
and support one another..
How is wondrous nature playing!
Lo, the river of compassion is flowing.. 

Trees offer delicious fruits
and bow down in humbleness
Flowers bloom in unison
spreading out colours and fragrance..
How seeds of aspiration are growing..!
Lo, the river of compassion is flowing..

Ocean treasures bejeweled truth
rivers mingle in oneness..
losing ego they find their 'Greatest self'
Deep within truth is glowing.. 
How in divine rapture hearts are meeting!
Lo, the river of compassion is flowing..

The abode of beauty and happiness is calling...
nectar of love has adorned every heart
air of peace is blowing..
Souls have risen from ignorance
How the flare of knowledge is shining!
Lo, the river of compassion is flowing..

God's most wondrous creation- human
is blessed with all divine natures 
and power of wisdom..
Why would he fall in the trap of
ignorance and sin?
Why in the ocean of illusion his vessel be sinking..!
Lo, the river of compassion is flowing..


  1. The sky,rivers,trees,cows and many other things in nature give in abundance without expectations.Verily like the rivers of compassion.Beautifulk poem,I liked it much

    1. Thank you KP sir, for such wonderful comment. True sir, All the elements of nature are the givers and we are the takers.. We humans should learn the art of compassion and giving from them...:)

  2. Rare insight to compassion - grounded on giving and unconditional giving.

    1. Thank you so much Sir for liking and commenting on the poem. True Sir...Mother nature's love and care is unconditional and profuse..:)

  3. this is the best post of nature! i liked it:)