Wednesday, May 9, 2012


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I am that myriad cosmic bliss,
floating as pollen
with a desire to settle on a flower
 repeatedly I have fallen...
Wore an apparel of choice
and named it 'my'
When worn out with time, 
I am asking why!
I have learnt the art of living
from my earthbound life
but yet searching for peace
amidst ego's strife..
What joy does mean,
that I have lost on my path
what is all with me as my forte 
is nothing but my wrath..!
Baffled by my synthetic state
I cherish the joy within my heart
Cherishing to recollect my oneness
to get my freedom back, I am learning an art..


  1. Is it the soul's journey to earth residing in a body called me or mine and lost in the maya filled life till it realises its true self and tries to reach the eternal bliss?
    Beautiful poem

  2. Wonderful poem! Liked every line:)

    1. Thank you dear Tarang. I like your words of appreciation...:)