Thursday, May 31, 2012

Abode of Ecstasy

O great Himalaya
I have never been so lucky
to have a glimpse of you..
When fondly call your name,
I am feeling you intimately..
When  my senses are aware now
that you have also called my name
from your ecstatic domain
I feel being present in your court
O majestic king of kings
thus I am glancing you through
mind's crystalline eye...
Viewing your vast expanse
and eternal glory
I am transfixed..
Forgetting my fleshy existence
I merge in a giggling river
flowing through you..
Flowing in a timeless manner
unceasingly, I am that river
fixed at you...

You seem not to be
a hardy bed of rocks
You are but a magnificent throne
ornamented with dazzling gems..
Above you hangs arches of sky
embellished in a graceful way...
I wondered for whom have you been so ..!
Soon your majestic marvels
I found, filled with a pair of tender foot...
Whose was that lofty grace
I wondered and looked at sky
and she was in full divine charm
placed on her ferocious lion...
I failed staring her luminance-
a dazzling sun she was
taking back my glance towards her feet 
I was fixed upon..
Then I heard a tune of flute so soul soothing
that charmed my attention
and I was seeing a charming prince
at once flute in hand and soon 
with a dazzling trident...
I looked back wondering upon
the mystic feet, whose those could be?
And to my amazement 
I was seeing the pair of wondrous foot
no more..
I looked up towards the sky once again
to find those mystic faces  
once again
but I found two rounded eyes fixed at me
as if for ages... 
and the smoothing rain of nectar 
was falling and falling on me
That filled my abyss with unending spirit
I found being complete and ample a river
in mind's eye
O great Himalaya, divine abode, 
place of ecstasy and glory
from distant a land my obeisances
as offerings..


  1. great poetry!!...
    intelligent use of words...have you been o Himalayas!!

    1. Thank you Manish... I love your comment. I have not been to Himalaya...

  2. nice...........
    beautifully expressed.