Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Reign of a tiny ray

Source- GP

The world’s so bright!
Rich her bosom
Homes magnificence..
wonderous vistas of touch, taste and smell..
a never ending flow of beauty and pleasure
that sways my mind in perfect rapture..

I wandered and wondered
To brighten the cup of my palms
With that specialty of nature
And couldn’t tell which was better..
To fill up my cup I pleaded all
But no one would heed at my call..

In wilderness I looked wherever I could
And soon found a tiny ray
Peeping through the wood..
Soon I tried to get hold of it
But the tiny ray was too swift
 To come in my grip.

The tiny ray soon was seen on flowers
On the sodded ground
Soon it jumped back on stems of trees
Big and sound..
It whirled on the river and steam
Then it climbed up the mounts
High and green..

I was watching the ray entering
A farmer’s hut
And touching farmer wife’s dimple
it Sparked in eyes of her little son..
then it roamed on village path and on roofs
and soon it would run
here and there
And at last was seen everywhere..

 Merrily it jumped to my palm
Making it shiny and bright
it entered into heart
I could hear a sweet euphony
Deep within
And I have nothing more to say
Than that It’s the reign of a tiny ray..


  1. Brilliant imagination and sublime play of words.The tiny ray that lights up the heart of whatever it caresses on its onward daily journey does its ordained duty with no nexpectation save the joy of doing it.I loved this poem.