Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Red Roofs, Marc Chagall, 1954

My earthly love 
Knows no bounds.. 
Riding on mindful chariot 
I have been moving towards you. 
With red in my eyes 
Painted your town 
And painted my face too. 

One day when you climb down 
From your roof to modesty 
Certainly would find me 
Large and forming 
prisoned but free..


  1. Poisoned but free...that's going to roll around in my head all evening...

    1. Hi Tess, thank you for your visit and read..:)
      The picture prompted by you is beautiful and mystic one. I wrote just What I understood. Just giving a short analysis of the picture.

      It is all about one's attitude towards life. If one carries hate in eyes not only the person whom he/she actually hates but also may be the whole would will be hi/her subject of hatred. Then think vice versa. In this picture and the first stanza of the above poem you can find- a true lover not only loves her beloved but also her town. Since he holds love in his eyes, the town of her beloved will seem to be lovely or subject of his affection. We can think in a broader prospective- If someone truly holds love for his own family, village, state or country will end at loving the whole world and the humanity as a whole. And If you think still in the broadest concept, you will find that one who loves one's true self will be a source of never ending bliss. A true lover's find God in his love. Tess, can you find a little image of Jesus Christ in the red-painted area!

      Now come to the second stanza. True lovers are often misunderstood. They are neglected and not heeded properly during their life on earth. But ultimately the beloved(the humanity as a whole) succumbs before the determination of the true lover... It steps down from the roof of ego to the ground of modesty and humility. Then only the love of her true lover is understood. (Without humility and love in heart even an angel's goodness is not understood). When the humanity explores the true love of a noble soul will find him in graves(may be), yet he would be seen large- (vast), forming- (his love would be valued in a more and more refined manner with the passage of time), prisoned- or bounded with love with has absolutely no shape or limit so he is free from any bondage....

      A true lover is always free...:)

  2. Yes, I agree with Tess and Carrie. Climbing down from the roof to paint the town red!

    1. Thanks Yvonne..:) This is the beauty of abstraction. We can see the same thing in manifold ways..:)

  3. 'Prisoned but free' not poisoned.