Thursday, April 12, 2012

My daughter and storm

Storm comes with cold dancing breeze..
the leaves move fleetly as they're playing with ease..
tiny curls of dust twist on footpath in stylized fashion 
clouds congregate like crowds in a feast with a great passion.
soon a flash of light is seen and rumble is heard from sky
my daughter glances gleefully from window with wonder and sparkles in her eye..
She says- sky has got a strong headache with cold and fever..
He is having a sore throat that makes him grumble and shiver..
With rise in temperature it is getting wild on earth's crest..
Birds are flying hurriedly and fearfully towards their nests..
Big drops of rain gushed forth and my daughter is wet in no time.
I called her to change her shirt but she is lost in rainy rhyme..
A big flash of lightening and a loud drumming of thunder outcries..
Soon she rushed and embraced me hard squeezing her eyes..

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