Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Grief- a wild flower
with an unusual odour..
Ask a grievous in heart 
how it smells like!

It is the power of hours
that separates pearl from 
beads of bone and 
makes blue repose
from warmth of
every drop of tear.

Ask how heartfelt
affection dampens body
and heart turns into earth
concealing a seed
pure and innocent. 

Soon it blooms winsomely
and substances from all directions
explore it's beauty.
Ask a grievous in heart
how it smells like! 

1 comment:

  1. Life is always a mixture of joys and sorrows.But surprisingly we learn more lessons during grief than when in joy.The poet in Bijaylaxmi has brought this out so nicely.
    It is only during grief that we have a better perspective of things than during joy.As problems assail us we learn more about the adversity and why of it ,who the true friends are and about life itsef.
    It is the time when we turn our minds towards the Maker in a spirit of surrender and regroup our strengths to overcome the grief and adversity.
    Grief is not entirely devoid of merit.It is like a stray wild flower showing its beauty to those who care to see it.
    Thanks ,Bijaylaxmi, for giving a new meaning and colour to grief in your lilting words