Sunday, April 1, 2012

Earth living

Poor pigeon is foiled of
everyday's struggle for body
and where soul has fallen shy
he has no solace in heart,
on the shared earth
disappointed from his blazing life
desperate and dysphoric pigeon flies high
of everyday's cooing, feeding and breeding,
aye has set up for the sky..

From a greater height he looks at the earth
it goes far and far from his sight
far from his bird connection
and his restless life.
what he intended is all with him
vastness and bareness of sky all for him
Alone he would celebrate abundant freedom
and a lonesome status of mirth..

Yet, poor pigeon losing his strength having roved much
tired his wings and pale his face
he has the sky with him but no place to rest
In the unknown abysmal sky only truth is the mighty sun
too cruel to blaze his existence whole
Seeking for refuge of kinship and his rebirth,
desperate and dysphoric pigeon is flying down
of cruel bareness, blistering solitude and his misery,
aye has set up for the earth..


  1. "He has the sky with him but no place to rest": your words have perfectly captured the plight of a tormented soul. Thanks for sharing, and for the lovely comments on my blog. Cheers!

    1. Thank you Ananya, I really love your comment. It's about someone wishing to set free from earth living. Yet the real freedom lies only in living the life on earth as it is.

  2. His torment is obvious - superbly penned!

    Anna :o]