Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The trance


I am tranced by them all.
A little sun peeping from within cloud's curtain,
the musky breeze of spring
and on a mango plant cuckoo's sweet call.

It's difficult to tell.
where the magic is spread!
In the ambiance or in my heart.
it's of my eyes or visions spell!

The earth looks so marvelous;
ornamented with wondrous bright pictures
of trees, creepers, flowers and jungles!
I wonder, who paints those with what pallet and brush? 

To awaken the dozing poet they are on their way
clemency of horizon and distant rovers,
their reflection on serene rivers and 
in the amazing mellow sky the clouds play.

Moody nature changes attire from time time!
And she trances me up with her beauty.
 For she comes as noesis and feelings of life
with an enchanting song and rhyme.


  1. Wondrous nature in all its charms evoke different responses.The birds start singing,the poets go into raptures,the lovers to ecstasy,the children to joy and the sages into silence.
    It is a beautiful poem.

  2. Thats really a beautiful one. I also get captivated by nature often and love to bask in their beauty.

    My poetry picnic submission is here:
    You may like to read one of my older poems on nature:

  3. Thank you Sir for your comment.
    Thanks Hema. True, nature is something that gives us purest of happiness.