Monday, March 12, 2012

Ode to the full moon

Photo- by Bijaylaxmi

The dusky queen, with eyes open
towards her cherished companion
smiles barefaced in a blithesome mood..
as dancing waves of Bay of Bengal
and run and chase of tiny briskly breezes.
Her curls undone, lose as flowing felicitation..
becharm night souls
 and they sing a song known to them
of simplicity and informal beauty...
The lunar king smiles sweetly 
with much adoration from far heaven..
When their smiles meet 
an ecstatic magic spreads all around 
from the bed of dusky queen to lunar king..
Lost in each other they find ones in the other
a little dusk and a little moon
affection soaked together..
Night passes on like a slow whirligig
making both apart..
Yet the trance remains forever
A promise of prolific awaiting
 and the mesmeric song is heard over and over..


  1. This is indeed an interesting poem..well written..with a good flow.. loved it.. and great use of words..

    Well thanks for your visit.. to my page..

  2. Thank you Amit..:)

    Thank you Ramesh Sir. I am glad that you liked the poem.:)