Sunday, March 18, 2012

Coconut Tree


A palpable poetry-
 bonfire in a chilly night..
Euphony of every tiny droplet of mist
speaking eyes and
inner chambers of castle
of dreams within dreams.. 

So it is a coconut tree;
 with some wondrous treasures stored in 
A sturdy, straight, and a long path of risk.
yet the climber is to climb on 
embracing some hurt and bask 
of a familiar rhythm.. 

On the path there will be splendid pictures
and an air of cosmic raptures  
feeding life with life..
and the loaded candid truths will be in his hands
of which the nectar will be taken out
for self and the other..


  1. This is really nice and unique!:)

  2. Thank you Tarang. May you be the climber..:)

  3. This is a fantastic poem that one should read many times to get its full import. I am amazed at the way Bijaylaxmi has crafted this beautiful poem.
    One would find in spiritual outpourings the obvious that is discerned on a superficial reading often hides the deeper content that lies underneath. The real message is comprehended only when the mind is attuned to the spirit of the writing and read slowly with care.
    The symbolic coconut tree and the climber represent the human life and man’s struggle to realize the purpose of life. The ascent on the tree of life is beset with struggles and joys and if one persists working one’s way up in his pursuit like a true karma yogi, he will eventually find the fruit of his labour (like the coconut) the real consciousness or the bliss

  4. Hi!
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  5. Thank you Sir for your wonderful description. I didn't think from that angle. Your words are adding value to the poem..:)

  6. woww this is a lovely poem :D I loved the metaphors and word choice :D