Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The trance


I am tranced by them all.
A little sun peeping from within cloud's curtain,
the musky breeze of spring
and on a mango plant cuckoo's sweet call.

It's difficult to tell.
where the magic is spread!
In the ambiance or in my heart.
it's of my eyes or visions spell!

The earth looks so marvelous;
ornamented with wondrous bright pictures
of trees, creepers, flowers and jungles!
I wonder, who paints those with what pallet and brush? 

To awaken the dozing poet they are on their way
clemency of horizon and distant rovers,
their reflection on serene rivers and 
in the amazing mellow sky the clouds play.

Moody nature changes attire from time time!
And she trances me up with her beauty.
 For she comes as noesis and feelings of life
with an enchanting song and rhyme.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bitter pills


'Learning' is something like cow's milk,
needed for growth and a sound health.
But quite often cow's milk cause vomiting;
then is administered a bitter pill
called unlearning.
This is, why I carry
some bitter pills in my bag
while I am journeying.  


Friday, March 23, 2012

Baby plant

My baby plant!
You are a blissful present-
a faith of life in lives.

Softly- adoringly, I touch your stem.
and I fancy for an earth,
safe and green.

You will be growing soon.
For your better taste look into the ground 
and chose your best. 

They are your guards;
the humble sky and forgiving earth.
be their obedient child.  

You are a noble promise of bloom
and with every successive spring
you will be graced anew..

This tiny life of yours is but 'A bare opening'
you have your share of leap
O baby plant, my baby plant
rise to spread your wings. 


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Coconut Tree


A palpable poetry-
 bonfire in a chilly night..
Euphony of every tiny droplet of mist
speaking eyes and
inner chambers of castle
of dreams within dreams.. 

So it is a coconut tree;
 with some wondrous treasures stored in 
A sturdy, straight, and a long path of risk.
yet the climber is to climb on 
embracing some hurt and bask 
of a familiar rhythm.. 

On the path there will be splendid pictures
and an air of cosmic raptures  
feeding life with life..
and the loaded candid truths will be in his hands
of which the nectar will be taken out
for self and the other..

Monday, March 12, 2012

Ode to the full moon

Photo- by Bijaylaxmi

The dusky queen, with eyes open
towards her cherished companion
smiles barefaced in a blithesome mood..
as dancing waves of Bay of Bengal
and run and chase of tiny briskly breezes.
Her curls undone, lose as flowing felicitation..
becharm night souls
 and they sing a song known to them
of simplicity and informal beauty...
The lunar king smiles sweetly 
with much adoration from far heaven..
When their smiles meet 
an ecstatic magic spreads all around 
from the bed of dusky queen to lunar king..
Lost in each other they find ones in the other
a little dusk and a little moon
affection soaked together..
Night passes on like a slow whirligig
making both apart..
Yet the trance remains forever
A promise of prolific awaiting
 and the mesmeric song is heard over and over..

Saturday, March 3, 2012

A divine dance

Lo, rivers are flowing skillfully,
clouds are floating slackly
Lo, sun rays running in a beaming spree
and birds are chirruping on
on a majestically standing tree...
Lo, flowers dancing to an esoteric sweet tune
buds innocently are following them..
Butterflies incoherently flying around in trance
Lo, I am thinking but a divine dance...

Thursday, March 1, 2012


I move into the mystic forest
that pulls me often
towards it..
A forest of bougainvillea
where every season is spring..

Therein my heart forms
a song bird
singing an alluring song of
delicate memories
intermingled with smiles, tears and life...