Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blue river...

O my blue river...!
You are taking nonpareil pain...
in flowing timelessly
on hardy affliction..
engulfing in
mire and pebbles of dismayed lives
on Samsara's illusory plane... !

O blue river...!
You have descended with a scud
renouncing your golden wings
embraced a feeble motion
to flush out worldly sins of
nescience blue 
on the land of flesh and blood...!

O blue river...!
you are the one with hardest of woes.....
you are the one rebuked, abandoned
crucified and poisoned...!
on the cruel realm of ignorance,
you have assumed death time and again 
to prove immortality in love and truth...!

O blue river...!
Beholding your charm far and near
mistakenly I presumed your smile..
O my innocent angel, 
When I am lost in your bluish fathom...
I am crying and offering you
as my prayers...
For you are but ornamented tears ...