Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Father and me

                                                                 Through my tiny eye balls
                                                                    I see your creation...
   as a vast and complex juxtaposition..
that is too clumsy and tough 
  for my perception..
  So, I prefer seeing little
within my narrow ambit 
ambivalent I sleep legs folded
like a baby- unaffected..
I am a child..

I pick up joy from your basket
because I suppose I'm
too fragile to stand any pain...
but when clutched hard by 
my likes and dislikes..
I cry bewildered
Then you help me finding joy again..
You are the father..

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


If my wishes were flowers in neighbour's pond
I could have easily plucked them-
If my wishes were to catch some dragon flies
I could have got hold 
and played with the winged fellows...  

But I wished for Eden's flower 
and I wished for unicorns visible behind rainbows.
They are looking far and I am on my way.
Ah! I can see millions of Eden 
and rainbows  in between. 
I am elated for I am on my journey.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Ah, the stars..!

Ah, the stars!
In the euphoric ocean of time
and in abysmal waving of sentience,
they look like fixed angels
avowedly awaken
with their torches on..

The myriad noble audiences..
calmly observe me
forming clouds-rivers-rain 
and on earth's bareness
shaping into tiny condenses..

The noble audiences.. 
assembled on a grand show
of memory and amnesia,
wisdom and folly,
of my fidgeting existence that
hardly spares a glance at them..
Worried and hurried
playing continual sequence 
of action rhythmically
along the nature's play..

Ah, the stars!
In the euphoric ocean of time
and in abysmal waving of sentience,
sparkle incessantly
with unaltered hue and glory..
Ah, serene spectators!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blue river...

O my blue river...!
You are taking nonpareil pain...
in flowing timelessly
on hardy affliction..
engulfing in
mire and pebbles of dismayed lives
on Samsara's illusory plane... !

O blue river...!
You have descended with a scud
renouncing your golden wings
embraced a feeble motion
to flush out worldly sins of
nescience blue 
on the land of flesh and blood...!

O blue river...!
you are the one with hardest of woes.....
you are the one rebuked, abandoned
crucified and poisoned...!
on the cruel realm of ignorance,
you have assumed death time and again 
to prove immortality in love and truth...!

O blue river...!
Beholding your charm far and near
mistakenly I presumed your smile..
O my innocent angel, 
When I am lost in your bluish fathom...
I am crying and offering you
as my prayers...
For you are but ornamented tears ...


Friday, February 10, 2012

An aeonian hour...

You present me
all the sooth
  at your disposition...
as you have promised
to hold me in your heart
until time ceases..
I yielded once..
to the parting game
but certainly I am not ceased.. 
- nor time ..
Yet as fresh
as morning roses..
 in this aeonian hour...
that spirits an ocean
deep and mystic
to engross us
in perfect harmony
and thence by holding your love
I am unto divine..

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Photo source- Internet

two tender eyes and two drops of tears; 
in the core of the heart 
   longing of years...
Beneath soggy lips a brief smile, 
dual banks of river life;
and a curly path of miles...
Thick moss on deserted stairs;
tear soaked dust beneath feet
and a piece of broken glass on a lone chair.