Saturday, January 7, 2012

The old raven and the piece of news

source- internet

The wise old raven seated firmly
on a secured branch
thinks of
a silly piece of news
of news daily..
that roves 
around his head over and over...

What to do with the news..!
wonders he..
could he order capital punishment 
for it's folly..
or else pull it by ear
like a strict school master 
to make it fine and sober...!

But it is a witty chameleon
hardly clutched by old raven..
A fanciful player, 
 taken by folk as real,
forms lightening of moments
in blistering hearts
again forms a volcano..
or a gale bursting amok...
then forms into an innocent
 serene white washed morning...
upon smiling clover...

The news, a tricky cat
rat race of souls
 It owns a cage to seize them
put together within silly brackets
attacked by thousands of
question marks
At the terminal, throws at them
a simple full stop...
by acting clever...

The raven an old and wise fellow
 is a viewer of the drama....
but can't withstand the folly  
But grumbles over silently that
nothing is written up to the mark
in his favorite news paper...

He calls the piece of news, 
a known déjà vu, a perpetual chain
of life
in a circular motion
The adamant piece of news 
is not his ecstatic truth...
he knows for sure..


  1. beautiful story on the old raven,
    well done.

  2. Thank you so much Tifiny for your comment...:) Actually I was not sure about it's finish.. Accidentally wrote...

  3. Thank you Taylor... Glad that you liked it...:)