Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year Thoughts

Folks are waves... 
their mundane happenings 
mere bubbles
over and over rise and fall...
It is only time
that stands tall...  

Souls are travelers...
their paths uniquely different
yet mingled with one another
in a complex maze
but their destination one
 that eternal blaze...

Poet sits and smiles...
he watches over his poems
flowing and blowing
water and air...
and never prevents
phony or flair..

A beautiful tale...  
 life, somnambulated
 poor Narcissus..!
     enamored with  fancies ..
    lo, tells apart a river 
                                                 from the ocean he sees...                                                          


  1. Such a creative piece! Like it tons!


  2. Once again very beautifully written :))
    In his book 'Life of Pi', Yann Martel had written ~ "The world isn't just the way it is... It is how we understand it... & in understanding something, we bring something to it."
    Little or more, you have been doing the same, Nani -- bringing in something into everyone's life -- adding and spreading knowledge around -- in your own sweet way :))

  3. I loved this poem especially the sentence "souls are travelers". Thank you for sharing.

  4. It really touches the heart and soul.

  5. Thank you so much for liking the poem..:)

  6. love band waves,

    brilliant new year's thoughts, thanks for sharing.