Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Moonlit night

I am that moonlit night
distinctly lustrous 
 staring heart of yours
You feel and enfold
in pockets of your mind
countless rebirths
for a single
ecstatic death.

I am that moonlit night
placidly illusive,
quivering body of yours
 determines to slay
and get slain
O poet, don't!
I am not a complex text
for your brain's workout
but a soulful song
offering lasting youth.

I am that moonlit night
Tis not me, playing
you play hide and seek.
My absentminded poet
clutch me with love
for I am the spark
on the ridge of your eyes.. .

Monday, November 5, 2012

Half filled basket

photo source- moon flower

I went to the dense forest of my vision 
to collect some flowers for my deity,
holding my basket avowedly empty,
I went down a path silky and moonlit.
I looked up and saw giant trees branched out,
all of them emanating wondrous charm and beauty
and a lot many unseen were luring my passion of still more wondrous things 
that I couldn't tell between my minds image and reality.
I moved forward in search of a flowery plant 
that would match best my perception and reach.
After a lot of searching I found the best one
at the edge of a silvery, snaky flowing spring
filled with milky flowers, moon soaked, splendid.
With a great adoration I began plucking them one by one
holding the image of my deity crystalline gold
I plucked them all that touched my fingers and heart
then I looked at my basket which was still filled half
I felt sorry as there were no more I could pluck
as rest of the flowers were beyond my reach, placed high enough.
I feared my basket would left half filled owing to my ill luck.
I moaned and moaned and looked here and there
The dawn was painting crimson to my basket and else where
meanwhile the silvery plant  was departing from me, bidding adieu.
I looked on and on, holding my basket half filled I looked in wonder 
and in no time realised that I had missed much more.
I forgot to see the wondrous beauties near the ground
those were overlooked and unnoticed as I didn't bend a little
I could have plucked them all for my magnificent deity
and my basket could have been perfectly filled...

Friday, November 2, 2012


Picture By- Blue paper

Whenever I come across the sight of a crematorium
I stop and my mind stops at nearby ground
and it feels the emptiness of its fullness
in all its ornamentation
when ornaments certainly are out of control!
They all would leave one by one
for their own destinations of choice..
And where a lifeless body would burn
 the bird would there be left bare alone.
then it would find its unadulterated real gesture
a self luminous, blatant mirror 
the lucidity of which would release senses one by one 
and the air would be filled with 
divine smell of sandalwood 
from the deserted burning existence
The bird would peacefully be watching over.
I stop at the sight and take a deep breath
and feel my bird silently watching over..
 wave of love runs all over me
for my innocent bird, and my eyes get moistened
my foot feels few drops of the fallen tear.
I bow down to collect them
and put on my forehead on the crematorium ground
pure and auspicious those are the real ornaments for me 
so my bird drinks them all.
And I go on loving my little bird  
whenever I come across the sight of a crematorium...

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Melodic elevation

When rain drops fall arrhythmic
an angelic melody is earned
deep within heart 
and our soaked beings invite
each other
to get drenched 
in a sublime desire, together
and our souls soar high
in unison
to find the self
 in the other.

This prompt reminds me of a beautiful Hindi song. The poem is based on the picture and the song. 

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Morning appears and awakens
with blossoms for heart
and harvests for mind.
The bliss of blossoms and harvests
was there at night...
Yet vision could not realise them 
through mild lights of 
moon and millions of stars
Cause it needed a 
bright sun's strict guidance
to make itself a fine morning. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Life In The ArtBox

Rolls the wheel, moves the cart
and everything is in motion
along side that.
Dancing season, musing season
coddling steps or assailing steps
and celebration.

You are so crazy
to lose your anklet when leg is bare
and find it again when you need no more!
Chameleon laughs at changing sky
and see, twilit satirize you.

Potter shapes the pot
potter's daughter observes.
Blind maid's son crawls and unwraps
an art box laid on the floor
and finds a picture in motion
of shapes, colours and moods
motionally an equilibrium.

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Swinger


Myna holds a golden string with her beak
and swings to and fro
Flows the coloured river beneath her
and above widens the insentient sky.
She swings and swings
and flows in her heart a blissful song
like the coloured river beneath her
inexplicably wonderful a flow of ecstasy..
Loosened her wings 
and still she swings and swings
 focusing on the golden string
she hugs the subtle sky...

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Salvador Dali

The ground is full
I have picked my numbers
armored them carefully
with avidity and awareness
The other side is ready..
The battle should go on..
It is my desire
my sole desire..
Since time immemorial
I have been
nurturing the desire
of duality and even more
to multiplicity
of my vivid existence
It is my vision
transformed to numbers
conflicting unto devastation
or creation...
Yet to find a reason
of my desire...

Immortal Eye

Days and nights move on 
like marching lamp posts 
along side me.
I am on a zigzag path 
stands erect my immortal eye.

Many springs adorn
flowery plants
Many autumns undress them
Every dance of colour,
watches, ajar my immortal eye.

Somebody laughs out in zest
and at a little distance
hearing a soulful cry
I bubble out, melt and consolidate.
indifferent is my immortal eye.

Traveler looks for an oasis
in the middle of desert
flies away his parched soul
laughs the history  
from beneath the layers of sand.
fixed at a ceaseless path my immortal eye.


Ask yourself, who am I at this moment? 
You will realize you are not your thinking, 
you are not your emotions;
You are the awareness behind them, 
from where you can observe them. 
The moment you realize that, 
you are in a different state of consciousness. 
You are not the thinker, 
you are the observer. ♥

~Eckhart Tolle

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Portraiture of Universal Union

Where the Sun's, up in the far sky!
Where lotus, nether, blooms in the pond!
Soon the Sun rises,
                            spreading his hands attains lotus's hug.                            |1|

Where the Moon shines, in a vivid blue sky!
Where at the bottom of earth, a vivid blue ocean!
Maiden waves frolic in delight
                           with the nectary touch of nectar hands.                              |2|

Where the air moves in abysmal wave!
Ne'er deprives mountain caves from his love!
Ne'er minding for days or seasons
                               kisses face of pretty mountain cave.                               |3|

Cloud  forever, with a lot of affection
squeezes lightning in his body.
Although cloud is black, in the joy of love
                            lovely lightning kisses him in a blink of eye.                        |4|

Spreading his arms of branches the handsome tree
embraces with love modest quivering body of climber.
Never leaves companion of tree, devoted she
                          with hundreds of faces kisses him all over.                            |5|

Golden spring mingling her body
with that of mountains, kisses his sturdy chest
Mount, bearing her mighty falls
                             Receives her in intense love as his necklace.                          |6|

Crossing long and difficult paths,
when unites with the sea, river surfs out in passion.
when kisses mature hand of the sea,
                              in deep embracing she is out of vision.                                    |7|

Forgetting his own nobility, 
maddened in love the sea kisses feet of shore
In honor of etiquette abnegates she.
                                     This play of affection is occurring forever.                        |8|

Sturdy iron kisses hardy stone
How strange on this earth is this love's action!
Kissing, embracing and the act of romance
                                     instantly melts a stone like heart !                                    |9|

Null is my life, void my dwelling
Mere dreaming for me, kissing and embracing
Who would barter sweet nectar of love!
                                      In agony of silence my life would stop!                           |10|

Won't I get that nectar of love
Is this earth parched for me!
Will my soul be deprived of that divine inspiration
                               from adoration, embraces and lovely osculation?                   |11|

I know, I have my Lord of soul
Glorious, truth, the auspicious(Shiva), the ultimate refuge
I have been waiting for him for years,
                                        adorning my bed of heart with flowers.                           |12|

Once I see my master of soul, 
would hold tightly his wrist and never'll let him go.
I would accomplish all act of kissing and embracing there 
my torments would be removed 
                                           and striving of my soul would end.                                 |13|

As the river mingles with ocean,
as vine clings to the tree,
as lightning plays in a blue cloud, 
                                      as stream adorns the flank of mountain,                                |14|

As waves dance with the touch of moon,
pleasingly in the hands of the Sun, as lotus adjures
I would unite my soul to the foot of lord of my soul
                       I would dance holding universal love in a divine pleasure.                    |15|

Mountain, ocean, river, Sun and Moon,
all will kiss me with a great affection.
then the world would float in the stream of love of my soul
                              and the universe would turn into my basket of love                         |16|

Translation from Original Odia "Biswara Milana Chitra" versed by Pandit Utkalmani Gopabandhu Das .

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Often, when I repose on
a firm branch of love
and my senses awake,
I feel an aroma
somewhere very close to me
that fills up air
in and out
my heart palpitates hard
and I wonder
from where does it come!
It could be so
spring has just approached
in the sky
some wondrous flowers
while floating
have bloomed
or the spring is 
on an embracing spree..
and I am besotted
 a musk deer.

Monday, July 16, 2012

The sea

Waves on the bed of sea
with different variations and magnitude
were merging in unison at the coast...
Many lonesome hearts were searching
for some lovely pearls
on the shore and got
nothing except few pebbles
and empty shells...
Few violent waves pulled them hard..
tied and broke them into pieces..
they were dragged deep into the fathom
where they wandered adrift
like floating clouds on high sky
They were all fallen asleep
in high serenity
far from the wavy visions and speech
on a bed of wonderful pearls
that they never would be 
searching on the shore...

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Abode of Ecstasy

O great Himalaya
I have never been so lucky
to have a glimpse of you..
When fondly call your name,
I am feeling you intimately..
When  my senses are aware now
that you have also called my name
from your ecstatic domain
I feel being present in your court
O majestic king of kings
thus I am glancing you through
mind's crystalline eye...
Viewing your vast expanse
and eternal glory
I am transfixed..
Forgetting my fleshy existence
I merge in a giggling river
flowing through you..
Flowing in a timeless manner
unceasingly, I am that river
fixed at you...

You seem not to be
a hardy bed of rocks
You are but a magnificent throne
ornamented with dazzling gems..
Above you hangs arches of sky
embellished in a graceful way...
I wondered for whom have you been so ..!
Soon your majestic marvels
I found, filled with a pair of tender foot...
Whose was that lofty grace
I wondered and looked at sky
and she was in full divine charm
placed on her ferocious lion...
I failed staring her luminance-
a dazzling sun she was
taking back my glance towards her feet 
I was fixed upon..
Then I heard a tune of flute so soul soothing
that charmed my attention
and I was seeing a charming prince
at once flute in hand and soon 
with a dazzling trident...
I looked back wondering upon
the mystic feet, whose those could be?
And to my amazement 
I was seeing the pair of wondrous foot
no more..
I looked up towards the sky once again
to find those mystic faces  
once again
but I found two rounded eyes fixed at me
as if for ages... 
and the smoothing rain of nectar 
was falling and falling on me
That filled my abyss with unending spirit
I found being complete and ample a river
in mind's eye
O great Himalaya, divine abode, 
place of ecstasy and glory
from distant a land my obeisances
as offerings..

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Seasons of slumber
seasons of repletion I do not cherish...
but I cherish for summer
with my little thirst.
I cherish for a little hurt
to reach my soul
and they would be turned into
 big aspires 
and still a bigger thirst...
What I need more
is to make my sweats fall
and dehydrate me properly..
When my sweats evaporate
in blazing sun
I would have a perfect summer laughter..
Soon I will see my sweats 
forming thick clouds above me..
My sweats are mine
they love me even from above the sky
They would fall desperately
to have my touch
And then like the earth
closing my eyes
I will drink unto souls desire...

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Photo Source

I am that myriad cosmic bliss,
floating as pollen
with a desire to settle on a flower
 repeatedly I have fallen...
Wore an apparel of choice
and named it 'my'
When worn out with time, 
I am asking why!
I have learnt the art of living
from my earthbound life
but yet searching for peace
amidst ego's strife..
What joy does mean,
that I have lost on my path
what is all with me as my forte 
is nothing but my wrath..!
Baffled by my synthetic state
I cherish the joy within my heart
Cherishing to recollect my oneness
to get my freedom back, I am learning an art..

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The drink

A soulful tune is heard.
sleeping birds woke
and flapped wings.
Is the night or the moon insane!

Flapping birds snuggle in heart..
lurking hope throbs
It is all a drinking spree..
What a sweet booze is pain..!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The river of compassion

Gravid sky grins
flows the coloured bliss
over and over..
the earth is thrilled..
How the wind of life is blowing.. !
Lo, the river of compassion is flowing..

Sun, moon and millions of stars
shower divine radiance..
terrestrial glory..
is on display..
How dispelling darkness, lights are beaming..!
Lo, the river of compassion is flowing..

Mountains home woods
and countless creatures
They all coexist
and support one another..
How is wondrous nature playing!
Lo, the river of compassion is flowing.. 

Trees offer delicious fruits
and bow down in humbleness
Flowers bloom in unison
spreading out colours and fragrance..
How seeds of aspiration are growing..!
Lo, the river of compassion is flowing..

Ocean treasures bejeweled truth
rivers mingle in oneness..
losing ego they find their 'Greatest self'
Deep within truth is glowing.. 
How in divine rapture hearts are meeting!
Lo, the river of compassion is flowing..

The abode of beauty and happiness is calling...
nectar of love has adorned every heart
air of peace is blowing..
Souls have risen from ignorance
How the flare of knowledge is shining!
Lo, the river of compassion is flowing..

God's most wondrous creation- human
is blessed with all divine natures 
and power of wisdom..
Why would he fall in the trap of
ignorance and sin?
Why in the ocean of illusion his vessel be sinking..!
Lo, the river of compassion is flowing..

Saturday, April 28, 2012



Why to chase a shadow!
you can never befriend
a traitor... 


What's there?
it's a dark room-
you can't walk inside...


Carry your pot of water.
It will quench
your thirst...

Wednesday, April 25, 2012



I saw the rainbow
in far horizon..
It was like 
a large convex bridge..

Abruptly I was taken by a swinger
long and swift..
tied in the middle
of the rainbow..
That carried me in a wink

So exciting that was to me!
Touching both ends
I was back at my place
standing like a tree...!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Grief- a wild flower
with an unusual odour..
Ask a grievous in heart 
how it smells like!

It is the power of hours
that separates pearl from 
beads of bone and 
makes blue repose
from warmth of
every drop of tear.

Ask how heartfelt
affection dampens body
and heart turns into earth
concealing a seed
pure and innocent. 

Soon it blooms winsomely
and substances from all directions
explore it's beauty.
Ask a grievous in heart
how it smells like! 

Reign of a tiny ray

Source- GP

The world’s so bright!
Rich her bosom
Homes magnificence..
wonderous vistas of touch, taste and smell..
a never ending flow of beauty and pleasure
that sways my mind in perfect rapture..

I wandered and wondered
To brighten the cup of my palms
With that specialty of nature
And couldn’t tell which was better..
To fill up my cup I pleaded all
But no one would heed at my call..

In wilderness I looked wherever I could
And soon found a tiny ray
Peeping through the wood..
Soon I tried to get hold of it
But the tiny ray was too swift
 To come in my grip.

The tiny ray soon was seen on flowers
On the sodded ground
Soon it jumped back on stems of trees
Big and sound..
It whirled on the river and steam
Then it climbed up the mounts
High and green..

I was watching the ray entering
A farmer’s hut
And touching farmer wife’s dimple
it Sparked in eyes of her little son..
then it roamed on village path and on roofs
and soon it would run
here and there
And at last was seen everywhere..

 Merrily it jumped to my palm
Making it shiny and bright
it entered into heart
I could hear a sweet euphony
Deep within
And I have nothing more to say
Than that It’s the reign of a tiny ray..

Red Roofs, Marc Chagall, 1954

My earthly love 
Knows no bounds.. 
Riding on mindful chariot 
I have been moving towards you. 
With red in my eyes 
Painted your town 
And painted my face too. 

One day when you climb down 
From your roof to modesty 
Certainly would find me 
Large and forming 
prisoned but free..

Floral bloom

Picture Source- Internet

Seasons have picked 
Wonderful flowers 
With colours and scents 
Of different degrees 
For your senses 
And left to you 
How you groom.. 
Hold dear firm!
Life is a floral bloom.

Shared with-  Gooseberry Garden

Thursday, April 12, 2012

My daughter and storm

Storm comes with cold dancing breeze..
the leaves move fleetly as they're playing with ease..
tiny curls of dust twist on footpath in stylized fashion 
clouds congregate like crowds in a feast with a great passion.
soon a flash of light is seen and rumble is heard from sky
my daughter glances gleefully from window with wonder and sparkles in her eye..
She says- sky has got a strong headache with cold and fever..
He is having a sore throat that makes him grumble and shiver..
With rise in temperature it is getting wild on earth's crest..
Birds are flying hurriedly and fearfully towards their nests..
Big drops of rain gushed forth and my daughter is wet in no time.
I called her to change her shirt but she is lost in rainy rhyme..
A big flash of lightening and a loud drumming of thunder outcries..
Soon she rushed and embraced me hard squeezing her eyes..

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


A little desire I have in heart
that you will heed to my eyes
more than words..
cause voice may fail;
but eyes speak well.

Don't amiss my silence
it is my unambiguous charm
that a little desire I foster
I am the lamp of night
and my life a silent prayer.

A little desire I have in heart
that I will wear your tears
to hold on my bliss
and you will speak my words
preserved secretly for years.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Your Laughter-3

That noon of transition
alone I was walking down the lane
and found that the lane didn't exist..
That was but a wriggling image
of my habits
of birth and death..

And you were still laughing
somewhere very close to me 
a bit concealed yet you were caught again..
fancying you
I was revealed 
like a stream of contentment..
my whole self reposed on you..
Your laughter and my being
aah, a drop of ocean
where I found the ocean was ceasing...

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Your Laughter-2

Art-William Blake 

That noon I was walking 
down the street alone,
on that blazing hour
and you were smiling from distance.

I looked back.
Was that the sleeping path or me!
what I did see-
 scattered pieces of broken mirrors 
displaying all my masks
one by one..
and all shabby faces having some marks
indistinctly pronouncing my
potency and glory
of my manhood!

When I looked ahead
you were laughing
It was felt to me- timeless you are
and I am always a woman
pulled towards your laughter
 probably both are endless
your laughter and my being..

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Your laughter-1


That noon when I was walking 
down the lonesome street 
with my bundle on head
you laughed vociferously..
I looked around in bewilderment.
Is it me, seemingly funny 
impressing upon that capricious billow
emerging from spring blossom..
Unto the obscure fire..
am I that insect of gloam?

I kept my bundle resting against a wall..
and started walking again..
yet you were still laughing..!
Is there something wrong with my rigout
coloured with the ashes of wood
that I used to paint in colours of mood. 
Your laughter and my wonder..
hah- now I am not stopping my impulses..
So laughing and walking faster
with my bundle back on head.
But I am yet to find the cause of your laughter...

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Earth living

Poor pigeon is foiled of
everyday's struggle for body
and where soul has fallen shy
he has no solace in heart,
on the shared earth
disappointed from his blazing life
desperate and dysphoric pigeon flies high
of everyday's cooing, feeding and breeding,
aye has set up for the sky..

From a greater height he looks at the earth
it goes far and far from his sight
far from his bird connection
and his restless life.
what he intended is all with him
vastness and bareness of sky all for him
Alone he would celebrate abundant freedom
and a lonesome status of mirth..

Yet, poor pigeon losing his strength having roved much
tired his wings and pale his face
he has the sky with him but no place to rest
In the unknown abysmal sky only truth is the mighty sun
too cruel to blaze his existence whole
Seeking for refuge of kinship and his rebirth,
desperate and dysphoric pigeon is flying down
of cruel bareness, blistering solitude and his misery,
aye has set up for the earth..

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The trance


I am tranced by them all.
A little sun peeping from within cloud's curtain,
the musky breeze of spring
and on a mango plant cuckoo's sweet call.

It's difficult to tell.
where the magic is spread!
In the ambiance or in my heart.
it's of my eyes or visions spell!

The earth looks so marvelous;
ornamented with wondrous bright pictures
of trees, creepers, flowers and jungles!
I wonder, who paints those with what pallet and brush? 

To awaken the dozing poet they are on their way
clemency of horizon and distant rovers,
their reflection on serene rivers and 
in the amazing mellow sky the clouds play.

Moody nature changes attire from time time!
And she trances me up with her beauty.
 For she comes as noesis and feelings of life
with an enchanting song and rhyme.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bitter pills


'Learning' is something like cow's milk,
needed for growth and a sound health.
But quite often cow's milk cause vomiting;
then is administered a bitter pill
called unlearning.
This is, why I carry
some bitter pills in my bag
while I am journeying.  


Friday, March 23, 2012

Baby plant

My baby plant!
You are a blissful present-
a faith of life in lives.

Softly- adoringly, I touch your stem.
and I fancy for an earth,
safe and green.

You will be growing soon.
For your better taste look into the ground 
and chose your best. 

They are your guards;
the humble sky and forgiving earth.
be their obedient child.  

You are a noble promise of bloom
and with every successive spring
you will be graced anew..

This tiny life of yours is but 'A bare opening'
you have your share of leap
O baby plant, my baby plant
rise to spread your wings. 


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Coconut Tree


A palpable poetry-
 bonfire in a chilly night..
Euphony of every tiny droplet of mist
speaking eyes and
inner chambers of castle
of dreams within dreams.. 

So it is a coconut tree;
 with some wondrous treasures stored in 
A sturdy, straight, and a long path of risk.
yet the climber is to climb on 
embracing some hurt and bask 
of a familiar rhythm.. 

On the path there will be splendid pictures
and an air of cosmic raptures  
feeding life with life..
and the loaded candid truths will be in his hands
of which the nectar will be taken out
for self and the other..