Saturday, December 3, 2011

Poet and thief

A scary night that was...
a solitary thief sets out for his regular job
to taste a better luck....
Owls were howling and dogs were barking,
but the daring moon was merrily smiling up in the sky..
Crushing his fear under his boot
the brave thief walks forward
and at a lonesome house he stops by..
the moon danced on the sign board
on entrance, reading "Mr Poet's house"
The poor thief stood a while
and began thinking
I have heard "pen is mightier than the sword"
 the poet might have some bizarre weapon 
I must be careful at every step 
while moving inside the poet's abode..

Doors were not locked, windows were open...
what a damn fool could the poet be 
to give me a fairer chance! 
whispered thief to himself ... 
and entered into a big room 
having large beautifully carved cupboards in both sides
The thief smiled widely
with hope and joy opened one...
and suddenly got shocked to see
hundreds of elephantine books kept attune...
My God, what a misfortune
murmured the thief
and he was fleeing soon..

but alas
someone catches him by his collar
the thief was caught..
It was the poet with his weapon in one hand
in a very serious poetic mood...
awake and restless night creature
like a sprawling ghost...
who was dwelling in a lonely place
far away from crowd 
to get a better poetic mood
and he hated disturbance of any sort
so, all the time he would wear 
a clean face and a shaved head...

The poet pleaded, "gentle man
It's nice, I got you..
Was in search of a person
who would be listener of my new poems...
I am not going to let you go..."
he tied the thief hard with a rocking chair...
and the whole night read his slurred poems
where words were taking various routes 
to attack the poor thieve's guts
just when the nerves of the poor thief 
was made a sandwich
the thief promised the poet 
to gift him with handsome money
if he lets him go ...
And the poet got his reward
ten thousand bucks
at the dawn..
The poet was smiling and thanking 
for the price of his poems...
and the poor thief
was repenting on entering a wrong house...
to have experienced such a worst night of
being caught by a poet...



  1. Poor dumb thief. He should have realized we poets never make money at our trade and passed on to the plumber's house. :)


  2. Well, you have to feel a little for him, I think. He was only trying to ply his trade.

  3. What was he thinking! Nice one!

  4. deep, well written humor.

  5. funny. thanks for sharing

  6. hmm. give me ideas.
    LOL thanks for sharing.

  7. Thank you so much friends for reading and linking the poem. Yes it's only a humor... :)

  8. Hilarious poem.Did not the thief know that poets are generally as poor as church mouse?It was a rib tickling poem that got me absorbed.
    Thank you so much.

  9. Humourous and absorbing one indeed. :)

  10. mistakes create humor or fun imagery.

    love the ending, well done.

  11. Moral of the poem:.................STAY AWAY FROM THE POETS....