Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Journey from Lion's gate to Heaven's gate......

photo- Bijaylaxmi

   A footer ..
   what I am called by..
My town  
too is so small 
for my besotted foot...
 a by line footer I am, 
aimless, lonesome and lost
in panorama of musing...

On my crowded path all along
seasons play dampened...
   figuring out my composed show... 
I, walk and watch
that's a sound vow..
a whispering in the open air...

Ahead is lion's gate
embraced with thirsty wants..
I watch over the game
how a bread appears..
as a moon and then a piece of rubbish...
and when pearl can turn into pebble, 
the flag of blue hill flutters
assuring of an insight..
that arouses a craving to renounce
and to hug him
    in a timeless manner.... 

I enter into my memory lane..
where every bit of earth 
remained as before..
but the known faces are hidden...
many old smiles-tears, love-hatred
have chosen their home
somewhere nearby
  in an unexplored arena...
I watched pigeons flapping wings
in different modes
   having same feather.. 

Yet A footer
  aimless, lonesome and lost
  in panorama of musing...
have appeared before the heaven's gate..
where earthen pots find their real form..
and I found my partner 
standing besides me
and in front of us unfathomable 
curling ocean of future..
I am happy..
yet my partner wonders
standing on razor's edge of illusion
on one side- a burning body 
and on the other side- a tandoori fish.. 

*Lion's gate (Singha Dwara)- is the main entrance of Jagannath temple at Puri known to be the sole refuse of desperate...
*Heaven's gate (Swarga Dwara)- is the holy mortuary where as per Hindu belief humans get salvation...