Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Thirst of the cloud

Photograph by me

Beneath canopy of the unbound sky
   my engrossed heart…
   looking for whose footfall…! 
in my solitary space and time
 whom do I call?

To portraiture my rover thought..
hath arrived that celestial picture 
just alike- a lone ponderer …
  a cloud over...

I welcomed with an ardor
my cloud rover
with a wide smile from remote
land of sheen and green..
Addressing upon my companion
I pleaded over-
O beloved cloud
I wander
You too wander..
you wander enjoying all
glory of paradise
and I wander with all afflictions
of my thirty life on catchy soil..
 so fortunate you are.. 
touching acme of the sky...!!!
Says then my sole celestial fellow
with utter warmth and solace
 In vast expanse of sky
what am I? 
      but a poor insect…
       restless my soul in love with soil…
 with a desire to kiss her face
roving around
to compass her best..

You dwellers of earth, 
enjoy all the eternal joy
of love, forgiving  
compassion and tender...
my dear earth rover,
do respond…
What fortune could be
same as your?

 To feel that joy
Thirsty I, wander near versant ..
 Being embraced by
my darling hill
still thirsty my soul
fall down
upon earth turning into tears
on the rich bosom of my hill
    flow away forming into river rill…

POETRY PICNIC - Thanks to Shashi Sir for the prompt


  1. Once again words so beautifully weaved, Nani... Atti sundar :)

  2. Amit thank you so very much...... :)

    Your's Nani

  3. You words are so inspirational and I am so happy you shared them thank you so much lovely blog site you have

  4. You have sheer magic in your words.An imaginative poem that spreads the scene before our mind's eye.

  5. A lovely poem and a very lovely blog, too. Nicely done!

  6. very enjoyable read.
    Thanks for sharing.


  7. well tried wonderful expression! :)

  8. Thank you so much Ann for your kind words...Thank you stopping by and reading...:)

    Thank you KP Sir for liking the poem, in fact this one is translation of my Original Oriya verse "baadalara trushna"

    Charles Sir, I am honoured with your commenting ..

    Morning, I appreciate your comment. Thank you so much.:)

    Sowmya, thanks a lot dear for the visit and read... Your Rangolis are too good...

  9. hungry or thirsty soul is powerful.
    what a driving piece, powerful expressions.

    do come to join poets rally today.
    thanks for the support.