Monday, September 5, 2011

In Worship of "Dark"

Photographed by me

Whence emerge waves all
and yet merge in lull;
whence begin seasons high
  and thither slumber shy...
whence descends the light
   unto meketh creation bright...

Thou art O dark
 sole grace of cosmic embark ..
acme of revelation 
   whence all triumph set in motion...
Thou art bare eternal
whence ceases elements vital..
I- thine child nescient 
Thou- my sole refuse, O Mother Night...



  1. Very creative verse but set me thinking.
    Is it that darkness always prevails except when light banishes it?Why is sky dark and blue in day and dark in the night?Why is Krishna a neela megha Shyamala krishna?Why does dark Kali Ma do the rounds in the nights?Is it because sins are done in dark and She appears to slay them? Darkness brings awe and fear with people craving for light like ignorance sought to be removed by wisdom.Thanks for the poem

  2. Thank you so much Sir...
    Thank you Jack for the comment...:)