Thursday, September 15, 2011


Photographed by me

Picture of flood in river Mahanadi

Dedicated to flood affected poor people.. 

Embracing your every gesture..
of time crippled or sound...
living abreast you
celebrating on my existence
with a piercing cry
or a loud laughter...

Your disastrous dance... 
is taken easy as a scene of drama..
would certainly be ferried back
held assured..
 yet evokes tears ..
at once...

Once again you will be serene to love
yet I am homeless-hapless 
to get your modest touch..
Thorny bed of fate awaiting thirsty...
yet to suck blood from beneath my feet
my wounded snap 
yet to be taken of rove..

Embracing dust , pebble and sunshine
on your beauteous bed
I am yet alive..
and they demand
a grand party of victory
from me on one new anniversary
  of my surviving... 


Poetry Potluck


  1. lovely piece.

    your words make lovely waves.

  2. Superb, Nani, U have so nicely portrayed ur feelings.
    Indeed Nani, why does Life's vicissitudes always toss the poor people around?? As if just enduring poverty, adversity, oppression and abuse by the powerful, each day, wasn't enough, that now they have to face the nature's fury as well!!
    I fervently wish that may Mahanadi become merciful and calm once again, soon enough... and let these poor people quickly spring back into their lives, without any more of such misfortunes. God bless everyone :))

  3. "...and they demand
    a grand party of victory
    from me on one new anniversary
    of my surviving... "
    What an irony.Well written with feeling.

  4. @ The Cello Strings- Thank you so much. I like your comment..

    Amit.. Thanks for your tender feelings... :)Yes, haven'ts most of the time get their cups filled with struggles and sufferings and that only makes them more resilient... and they survive every time... It makes me remind of a beautiful story written by Bhagabati Charana Panigrahi titled "Ghasa"- "The Grass" which is all about a small boy in abject poverty who learns to live amidst all misfortune of abusive alcoholic father, neutral behavior of mother, so many hungry siblings... etc... always storm makes giant trees fall where as grass still survives.. grass grows even though they are smashed or chopped off.... because they know fighting and winning over adversity...

    Partha sir, I am humbled with your appreciation.. Thank you so much...

  5. Your emotions are clear in this piece.
    Beautiful words from such tragedy

    a piece I wrote about a tragic event

  6. wow heart felt lines beautiful!! :)

  7. Such beauty, and sadness. Having just experienced the first anniversary of a very great loss, your words resonated within my heart.