Saturday, September 24, 2011

Snake Charmer

                                                The Snake Charmer, Henri Rousseau, 1907
                                                              Courtesy-  Magpie Tales                                              

                                                           Capricious that moony night
captivates my craving so skillfully...
drags all senses deep into
cryptic forest of sully....

Recollections- creeping along smoggy lane
underneath my mounting adjure...
With a malign intention of aggression
they collect together...

Attachment that shrubs around
grapples lovelorn moonbeam...
and I plead for some mystic nectar..
to feed my depiction slim... 

I could have been taken away...
I could have been driven vicious.....
with every lick of venom...
that I'm coiled by grime luscious

Events repeat and stories retold...
of moonbeam, shrubs and my confession... 
yet I'am in calmness, having been mastered the skill
reconciling perfectly in appealing fashion...


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Thirst of the cloud

Photograph by me

Beneath canopy of the unbound sky
   my engrossed heart…
   looking for whose footfall…! 
in my solitary space and time
 whom do I call?

To portraiture my rover thought..
hath arrived that celestial picture 
just alike- a lone ponderer …
  a cloud over...

I welcomed with an ardor
my cloud rover
with a wide smile from remote
land of sheen and green..
Addressing upon my companion
I pleaded over-
O beloved cloud
I wander
You too wander..
you wander enjoying all
glory of paradise
and I wander with all afflictions
of my thirty life on catchy soil..
 so fortunate you are.. 
touching acme of the sky...!!!
Says then my sole celestial fellow
with utter warmth and solace
 In vast expanse of sky
what am I? 
      but a poor insect…
       restless my soul in love with soil…
 with a desire to kiss her face
roving around
to compass her best..

You dwellers of earth, 
enjoy all the eternal joy
of love, forgiving  
compassion and tender...
my dear earth rover,
do respond…
What fortune could be
same as your?

 To feel that joy
Thirsty I, wander near versant ..
 Being embraced by
my darling hill
still thirsty my soul
fall down
upon earth turning into tears
on the rich bosom of my hill
    flow away forming into river rill…

POETRY PICNIC - Thanks to Shashi Sir for the prompt

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Photographed by me

Picture of flood in river Mahanadi

Dedicated to flood affected poor people.. 

Embracing your every gesture..
of time crippled or sound...
living abreast you
celebrating on my existence
with a piercing cry
or a loud laughter...

Your disastrous dance... 
is taken easy as a scene of drama..
would certainly be ferried back
held assured..
 yet evokes tears ..
at once...

Once again you will be serene to love
yet I am homeless-hapless 
to get your modest touch..
Thorny bed of fate awaiting thirsty...
yet to suck blood from beneath my feet
my wounded snap 
yet to be taken of rove..

Embracing dust , pebble and sunshine
on your beauteous bed
I am yet alive..
and they demand
a grand party of victory
from me on one new anniversary
  of my surviving... 


Poetry Potluck

Monday, September 5, 2011

In Worship of "Dark"

Photographed by me

Whence emerge waves all
and yet merge in lull;
whence begin seasons high
  and thither slumber shy...
whence descends the light
   unto meketh creation bright...

Thou art O dark
 sole grace of cosmic embark ..
acme of revelation 
   whence all triumph set in motion...
Thou art bare eternal
whence ceases elements vital..
I- thine child nescient 
Thou- my sole refuse, O Mother Night...