Thursday, July 14, 2011


Photo by- Udayan Sarathi Behera

Who art thou? 
Questions in my unripe mind.........! 
art thou portrayal of my yesterday,
 today and  tomorrow? 
Art thou my thought and deed, 
desire or else lust,
 retention or else loss…! 
in the scale of my vision, 
can thou be caught ever? 

I have heard, thou art there....
in the sky, in the air 
in the aqua and in fire....
in the enchanting smile of a baby;
inside the veil of a modest bride
or else in action, devotion;
love and faith ..       

Art thou present in the scent of flowers?
or else worshiped in Temple, Church
 Masjid, or Gurdwara...! 
thou art the flute of Giridhari,
center of innumerable souls,
center of mortal life....
Yet, in the scale of my vision, 
can thou be caught ever? 

I searched thee to maketh 
my wants get fulfilled...
with my clumsy, deceptive mind 
a delirious I.....
some day found my desire yielding fruits
      as of then my search for thee ..
turned a closed chapter 
    in the book of my life.....

Shameless I, 
your difficult child, 
once again came back ending my game....
searching thee once again.....
away from thine compassion how could I stay....? 
nothing else do I desire but only a glance ....
I am praying thee.... 
Oh eternal, thou art my idol of faith, 
thou art my future world..
Yet, in the scale of my vision, 
can thou be caught ever? 

Keeping thou in heart..
   O faith...
     May thou be seen in one halcyon slumber…
    I am awaiting for thee……
       now and ever...... 


  1. I love this - beautiful.
    I think that in line 5 stanza one you might have meant 'thought' ?

  2. oops.... sorry Jo, I am correcting it soon..

    Thanks for commenting..:)

  3. The search of a soul, to recognize the truth
    in faith, is ever alive as you tell here.
    The important point is to keep searching ...


  4. truly beautiful lines Nani :))
    & I really really am loving this beautiful look of your blogpage, Nani... so serene...
    Awesome :)

  5. Thank you so much Sir, for your beautiful comment..:)

  6. Thank you Amit and Udayan.... You always have been my inspiration...:)

  7. moving words, love the feel.

    keep it up.
    Happy Rally.

  8. A wonderful prayer. Well done!

  9. "inside the veil of a modest bride" I just loved this line! Gorgeous poem, beautiful language

  10. Thank you Charles for liking...:)

  11. Thanks Solitarywanders for visiting....

  12. I find the old English usages quite beautiful here :) Thanks for sharing!

    My Rally Poem ~ A Poetic World

  13. Searching for that eternal answer that forever lies within! Well done!

  14. Beautifully ethereal.

  15. Inspiring poem. The old English definitely makes it feel like I'm reading a psalm from my king James bible. I also like the Jaganatha picture! Keep it up brother.

  16. wonderful thoughts laxmi...
    i loved this poem :)
    keep writing & smiling always :)

  17. Thank you Sowmya.. I like your comment.:)

  18. You have endeavoured admirably to describe the indescribable in your beautful words.
    Yes, with sincere devotion and total faith
    it is believed He can be caught in our
    scale of vision.

  19. Beautiful poem of epic length. I enjoyed it throughout.

  20. Somya, thank you so much for liking my poem.. May God bless you.
    Thank you Partha sir and Jack for your valuable encouraging words..:)