Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Voyagers set out 
    for their unique treasure lands...
boarded in separate vessels
of unique desires

yet how enclosed together
to be mingled
with one another?
Ain't an invisible scoff
of time's little show off!

Each enamored with
self possession vies for
and power..
      for a little touch of pleasure..
blind folded their hearts 
soon get mired
with one another..

Something hard pulls
towards a vicious circle..
and all get into the band...
Far up yells the unseen-
Voyager- far off
your treasure land...

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Photo by- Udayan Sarathi Behera

Who art thou? 
Questions in my unripe mind.........! 
art thou portrayal of my yesterday,
 today and  tomorrow? 
Art thou my thought and deed, 
desire or else lust,
 retention or else loss…! 
in the scale of my vision, 
can thou be caught ever? 

I have heard, thou art there....
in the sky, in the air 
in the aqua and in fire....
in the enchanting smile of a baby;
inside the veil of a modest bride
or else in action, devotion;
love and faith ..       

Art thou present in the scent of flowers?
or else worshiped in Temple, Church
 Masjid, or Gurdwara...! 
thou art the flute of Giridhari,
center of innumerable souls,
center of mortal life....
Yet, in the scale of my vision, 
can thou be caught ever? 

I searched thee to maketh 
my wants get fulfilled...
with my clumsy, deceptive mind 
a delirious I.....
some day found my desire yielding fruits
      as of then my search for thee ..
turned a closed chapter 
    in the book of my life.....

Shameless I, 
your difficult child, 
once again came back ending my game....
searching thee once again.....
away from thine compassion how could I stay....? 
nothing else do I desire but only a glance ....
I am praying thee.... 
Oh eternal, thou art my idol of faith, 
thou art my future world..
Yet, in the scale of my vision, 
can thou be caught ever? 

Keeping thou in heart..
   O faith...
     May thou be seen in one halcyon slumber…
    I am awaiting for thee……
       now and ever...... 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Ornamented with 
shiny black letters
line by line...
-a fine text-
does it make some sense-
   as a wonderful thought...?

Strengthened with 
strong binds,
bundle of printed papers 
page by page...
does it sound like a book
or else the knowledge sought..!

Blessed with
love and attention
bulks of books
does it tell something more
or just what has been taught...!

I know not any other...
besides the book
with me
and I am it's author...
it does value a lot enough to me...
  it's "life"- where I am caught....

Prompt- Thursday Think-tank #56

Monday, July 11, 2011

Real Colour

fallen in the whirlpools of time 
what wonderful colours does samsara make...
blue, orange, green, crimson and more
having been touched by all.....
at last touches me black
for sure...
What a colour; so stubborn 
to entrap me...
More I do wash it off
more it pulls me close...
and now I find not alone soma
but psyche in its love...
at the fall of day comes night
awakening stars and moon...
though world sleeps
I being guard in the edges of dream
holding this earth 
am standing high...
Love stricken I
following black
  have attained that magnificent look... 
     your tree of strive.....
connecting earth to heaven
   and inanimate to alive....

*Samsara- terrestrial world 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Summer

Wheat Field with Rising Sun, Vincent Van Gogh, 1889

    Golden angel has spread wings...
 soon a blazing day appeared..
as a promise carried through
and the breathe reared...

glistering hills and houses almost 
standing tall aspire to kiss the sky
pine trees yet beaming with joy
have a chit-chat with creepers 
    n bushes nearby.....

baby cloud came along 
slowly crawling over them
and stopped by crying on her way,
requesting to take her
in arm and to have a play...

So pampering and loving
a hill made the baby calm...
uttered holding smile pure...
"O baby get back home to grow big
come later with friends, it is yet summer.."

"it is yet summer" a chorus was heard
from a distant field...
the grains were dancing in trance
being adorned with attires of colour  
and the Golden Angel sighing peacefully; 
rose wondrous nature... 

For- magpietales


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I have a soul...

Unheeded unloved
reposing upon my clutched notions..
within ambit of nothingness
I try to hold some crimson 
from rising sun...
I try to steal
 a slight odour
     from an evening breeze...

My self 
  romancing upon that mystic
modest bewitching smile...
I would...

My ambition or folly
yet I would wait 
for your devoted love
O Michel Angelo
 you have to announce
for me-  
  "yay....I have a soul"...