Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Beaming envisions

Shepherd watches over
flock of obedient crops….
Carefully acting upon living
whole day long…

When wraps up
at the end of the episode
keeps aside carefully again
to cook for a new show…

He sleeps so also his crops
But awakens envisions beaming
heartening up soul
teaching over
 to hang on with strings
or unstrung…


  1. I think maybe a little got lost in translation here Bijaylaxmi - but I can sense that hope and the beauty of a new day are part of you poem. So thank you for sharing.

    Anna :o]

  2. Dear Anna, thank you so much for your comment.:)

    It might have happened that in the process of expressing mental imagery I ended in wrong English... But Anna I am curious enough to express what I meant by that strange presentation..

    By "Shepherd" I mean a daily bread earner who works day long for his own living... hear by "flock of obedient crops" I mean to say the different odd jobs which certainly gives him his earning...

    At the end of his day he closes his shop or business with utmost care and love for a better tomorrow..

    He takes rest... His shop/job also becomes silent.. But his aspirations wakes up in the form of beautiful imaginations of a prosperous future... Which makes him believe on his own capabilities and teaches to survive and win over in every life situation.... the line "to hang on with strings or unstrung…" should depict that the man learns to live and grow when there is love and support all around him and also yet in a situation when misfortune lurks, when there is lack of support from friends and family etc...


  3. I read it, and after reading your comment I re-read it and enjoyed the meaning - an appreciation of life. Nice Magpie.

  4. Thank you Sue for liking my poem.:)

  5. I love your poem(the message does come through strongly) and also the additional comments about its meaning.