Saturday, January 8, 2011

Journey through darkness

I have seen the dark..... 
when my eyes get inutile...... 
mind too defeats.... 
running after the illusory n shady conflicts within....... 
rope of life loosens while....... 
as a desperate dry soul.... 
gets cheated by a mirage..... 
frozen hands when gets lull..... 
Breath didders n cherishes exemption..... 
from garbled phantom lust of body...... 
passive of all the dealings….. 
Like a crazy dove ….. 
runs maddened 
towards the sharp light 
n flies at its call……. 

Behind me nothing but anguish 
Everywhere intense dark 
Liking tongue coming through 
The grand whole of darkness 
Rushes fast to consume away all being 
Like a panicked prisoner fugitive 
Crushing her thick breast 
Life runs away far n fast….. 

Still a longing arose 
For the last touch of warmth 
Craving for half built castle known 
Elixir of unsaid words who pours 
two drops of snoozes like petals of love 
how comes I slept like never slept before 
some where inside a cozy bed 
what a sleep was that….. 
may be to make me of a clean river 
or a correct mirror……. 

Opened my eyes then being beaten hard 
By beams of light 
Reluctant to forbear…. 
Baffled to see new faces n identity 
Faded n forgotten old craving 
N the Liking tongue of darkness 
Only left with new thirst and hunger 
New cries and smile 
And new yielding 
Knew then, as it is 
Nothing sort of death, it's step towards life 
Nothing sort of darkness 
It's beginning of light…….. 

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