Saturday, January 8, 2011

Three Poems


Somber of night an illusory mirage 
Endless thirst morning haze........... 
Days make aimless path 
Crazy rover, Vagrant heart 
Chases for the last asylum 
to be lost in the great confluence 
as do the beloved and lover 
Ocean and river...... 
and they make one 
being mingled to each other...... 


Who is coming with the thrills 
of soft breeze 
arousing inside heart a desire to burn 
as would be forest fire a fiary 
seeing me alone counting my past 
twinkling like stars 
laughs the new comer.... 


In lone my thought 
calling you oh crazy moon.......... 
all my cajoling went in vain 
you could not forget those flowers of past 
which while falling aired its odor 
which lust made you blind 
that odor comes often in your mind...... 
makes you fall in her sweet hurt.... 

now you have arrived 
oh silvery moon from far horizon....... 
carrying the boons of new creation....... 
you sprinkle the nectar rain...... 
but still the lost odor 
has become your stain.. 

The sea at the sundown

The lovable sun in the scarlet sky....
in the horizon far and high......... 
with a beamish face, 
a beam of aspiration...... 
exposing the color of mirth 
howling sea comes and goes....... 
distorting and coloring himself, 
performs a play on the beach 
wavy sea curling the earth 
as pretty earth has a hairdo.... 
juvenile moon in the far sky....... 
grins and sprinkles sweet love.....
O golden sea, your glory is, 
making crazy the lovers... 
O darling moon, 
how quietly in action...... 
you arouse desire and passion.....! 
My fortune to view your celestial face, 
oh nature, your splendour 
makes my eyes cease..... 
beholding my mind 
being swayed 
by the crazy breeze....

Rise O' skeleton

Today I saw a banyan tree flying.
raising two wings...
on the far mountain...
I asked...
where did you get the prod 
to fly in the sky...! 

He told me with a grin..
it is the final wish of my life..
behold......rise o skeleton
rise from soil 

You too have to fly like me...
with the speed of sanguine 
far high like me 
to replenish the thirst of your heart..... 
leave nostalgia of your ground...... 
spread out your wings 
far up....far up.....
rise o skeleton.... 

Focussing on the acme of hill I would walk for sure..

As far as I go, 

I find only sands all around 
why it’s so? 
there is no sign of 
blue harvest of fresh flora, 
only I see vast desert. 
Neither a creeper nor a big tree is seen, 
Why it’s so? 
Water, flowers or fruits are not found? 

Beauteous blue hill, carrying incomparable glory 
Was visible almost beneath the horizon 
Dazzling clustery stars 
glittering with eternal lights 
ever beautified it’s lovely acme. 
On first moment of my journey 
I didn’t know, so long would be the arduous way. 
Gradually time is passing by 
Gradually so the horizon is going away. 

On the desert path 
haste of my mind has become slow. 
After some days, on this difficult desolate land 
being spent my legs will move no more  
My eyes in this lonely path 
by not glancing a human will become low. 
lonesome my soul will leave my body 
pondering upon futile thoughts 
in this giant desert path. 

Let soul leave my body 
Let whatever happen 
Let be the unknown path farthestmost. 
Who would be the foolish to ask 
for refraining from the journey, 
after glancing once the divine view? 
As my body gets consumed 
I will shelter in shadow of the hill 
After moving halfway, I will sleep 
on the bed of sands. 

Keeping my mind fixed strongly 
Upon the starry acme of hill 
I will open the door of my heart with glee. 
Heeding to the song of sea 
Coming from far 
While Feeding me with eternal love 
My soul bird will fly slowly 
Following that tune 
Meditating in mind upon my sole cherish 
Atlast he will sit on the high head of hill. 

Glancing at the lovely body of the moon, 
to have his company 
A hare once upon a time, 
left its body running on the path 
Is there a compare of the king of night with 
The haste of a hare? 
Ultimately O’ he got place in that breast. 

A beauty more than hundreds of moon, 
O’ how enthralling was that! 
How can I leave it’s desire 
Being a petty human being? 
Let soul leave my body 
Let whatever happen 
Focussing on the acme of hill 
I would walk for sure.... 

This Poem is written Originally by Pandit Utkalamani Gopabandhu Das (1877–1928) in Odiya language with the title “Giri-shikhe laya rakhi Chalibi mukara” and it is a small effort by me to make the world know the spiritual beauty of the poem written by a great soul..... 

Odiya language is spoken by the people of Odisha; a coastal state in Eastern India. Utkalamani Gopabandhu Das was the Mahatma Gandhi of Odisha who had spend his whole life for service of the humanity. He was a great educationists, philosopher, teacher, patriot and poet....All the poems of the great soul are found with a patriotic, spiritual and human touch. I am feeling great to present the English translation of the poem to all poem lovers. 

Journey through darkness

I have seen the dark..... 
when my eyes get inutile...... 
mind too defeats.... 
running after the illusory n shady conflicts within....... 
rope of life loosens while....... 
as a desperate dry soul.... 
gets cheated by a mirage..... 
frozen hands when gets lull..... 
Breath didders n cherishes exemption..... 
from garbled phantom lust of body...... 
passive of all the dealings….. 
Like a crazy dove ….. 
runs maddened 
towards the sharp light 
n flies at its call……. 

Behind me nothing but anguish 
Everywhere intense dark 
Liking tongue coming through 
The grand whole of darkness 
Rushes fast to consume away all being 
Like a panicked prisoner fugitive 
Crushing her thick breast 
Life runs away far n fast….. 

Still a longing arose 
For the last touch of warmth 
Craving for half built castle known 
Elixir of unsaid words who pours 
two drops of snoozes like petals of love 
how comes I slept like never slept before 
some where inside a cozy bed 
what a sleep was that….. 
may be to make me of a clean river 
or a correct mirror……. 

Opened my eyes then being beaten hard 
By beams of light 
Reluctant to forbear…. 
Baffled to see new faces n identity 
Faded n forgotten old craving 
N the Liking tongue of darkness 
Only left with new thirst and hunger 
New cries and smile 
And new yielding 
Knew then, as it is 
Nothing sort of death, it's step towards life 
Nothing sort of darkness 
It's beginning of light……..