Thursday, December 9, 2010


Thou art the ray of light,
in the clouds of despair
An enchanting moon
in the night of gloom.........
O hope, thou art rainbow of desire
a smile of faith
on the face of doom...
In the prolific eyes
a drop of precious tear ...
Thou art my yacht
on halfway of my river....
I am that elysian soul
to glance beyond the horizon....
Rising like sun,
holding thine divine hands
crosses miles away.........
Though know not your scale
in my mortal life,
thou appear to me as my gross world.
The odour of flower
Music of flowing stream
Dancing dews and twinkling stars....
O my hope rain the nectar
Dampen my body and soul over and again
Let not I see thine face
through my mortal eyes
O glorious star, make me find thou
by my vision rover....