Friday, December 10, 2010

For You

Behold the star.......
twinkling like a diamond
up in the dark sky,
far and high......
his relation with me is not of now
but is of a time of yore........
when nor you were,
nor your love
in my life.....
neither was a spring nor an autumn
only was there
the wall of waiting...
he happened to be my dearest one,
to share all gaiety and moan...
Many a nights have been spent
beneath the flowery tree of my dream
sharing many a memories and love.....
do you know...!
even today dreams are bartered
between my silent eyes
and of my beloved .......!
if you agree to join
the army of  frantic infants
like a fragrance never felt
like me
beg a small piece of heart
of my friend in distance
at least once.....


  1. blissful words.
    magical word painting.
    you rock!

  2. This is gorgeous